What are we offering to do to help grow your business?

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An AdWords Certified Strategist will build out Google AdWords Phone Call campaigns and allow you to provide one round of review/feedback.

150-300 Phone Calls per Month

After the campaigns launch, your AdWords Certified Strategist will optimize them to drive 150-300 phone calls each month.

Monthly Review

Meet once every 30 days to review results. On average, each net new patient is worth $200 per appointment for your business!

Who Is This Offer For?

Who should take advantage of Google AdWords Phone Call campaigns?

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Principal or Owner of Business 

Increase the number of phone calls from prospective customers every month. They are already searching for you online - why not make it easy for them to contact you?

No Unnecessary Meetings

We'll send you automated reports detailing the number of phone calls your investment has driven and meet once per month for 30 minutes.

Have Capital to Invest in Marketing...But Need Results

Interested in more customers to calling your business? Have a marketing budget but are unsure where to invest it? This is the results focused program you have been looking for!

How it Works

Signing up online is as easy and 1, 2 and 3!

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1. Sign Up In 5 Minutes

Scroll down and click/tap the green 'Buy Now' button. The details of this package are outlined in the table below.

2. Meet Your Certified Strategist

Campaigns will be built and presented to you via one 45 minute meeting by your dedicated Google AdWords Certified Strategist.

3. Campaign Launch!

Results reports will be sent straight to your inbox to show the impact of the investment. Meet once per month with your AdWords Certified Strategist.

Why Hire MKG?

Why should you trust the growth of your business to our agency?

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Google Premier Agency Partner

Our agency has two dedicated Google Strategists who work for Google who review and provide guidance on all MKG client campaigns.

Results, Results and More Results!

MKG clients have seen more than a billion impressions, hundreds-of-thousands of clicks and tens of thousands of conversions and phone calls.

Adwords Certified Team

MKG team members are AdWords Certified across Mobile, Display, Search and Video advertising.

Our Pricing

Price and service are outlined in the three packages below.

Adwords Phone Call Booster

  • $1,000
    Monthly Ad Agency Fee
  • Includes
  • $1,500 - $4,999 Google Spend
  • Month to Month Commitment
  • Google AdWords Campaign Builds
  • Dedicated Google Agency Strategists
  • 1x per Month Campaign Optimizations
  • Daily Budget Management
  • Technical Implementation for Analytics
  • Automated Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Certified Expert with 2+ Years of Experience
  • Campaign Changes within 7 Business Days
  • One Monthly Meeting (30 minutes)