Hard Questions Podcast: ep01 with Jon Atkinson

Welcome to the Hard Questions podcast, interviews with industry experts on the topics of growth, sales and marketing. The goal of this podcast is to explore difficult topics with subject matter experts who are willing to present a strong position based on their experience.

In Episode #1 of the Hard Questions podcast, hosted by your very own Mike Krass, we sat down with Jon Atkinson.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Jon is the Founding Director of Loyola University-New Orleans Center for Entrepreneurship  and the administrator of the Lagniappe Angels network, a member-driven angel investment arm based in the state of Louisiana whose members decide on which companies or ideas to place seed investments into.

Jon specifically addressed the following topics in this podcast:

  1. What happens when a startup or early-stage venture runs out of capital
  2. Red flags and other external warning signs that a company is running out of capital
  3. How investors calculate a companies runway
  4. Case Study: Discuss Uber's operating model as a Profit & Loss statement

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