Honesty – Being Transparent With Our Digital Marketing Agency Pricing


We here at MKG Media Group believe in three key values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • People

The first value - Honesty - focuses on being transparent to each other, clients, and potential clients. Being transparent to one another in an agency setting creates a more collaborative environment. Client-facing transparency allows us to communicate effectively and transform from a ‘marketing vendor’ to more of a ‘marketing partner.’

Being transparent to potential clients is the primary reason why I’m writing this post. If you didn’t notice, we recently added two new navigation options in our top navigation:


Having a services page isn’t anything new with digital marketing agency websites. In fact, it was probably a bit weird that we didn’t have one up before. In any event, now you will know, dear website visitor, the full repertoire of service capabilities that we offer including search engine optimization, interactive (includes user experience & usability testing), content marketing, and a whole lot more. So please do take a peek and know the full-range of services we offer.

However, the second new addition might shock you:


Indeed, in an effort to bring our agency values to life on our website, we’re making our agency pricing public and in full view of site visitors.

The first question you may have is, “Why?” Well, the answer is simple: we want people to know, up front, how much they will need to plan to use for our services. We’re being transparent to help those interested in using our digital marketing services see if we fit into their marketing budget.

For the most part, you can go to the majority of digital marketing agency websites out there, look through their services and not have any idea how much they will charge you until you’ve reached out, had a discovery call and received a proposal. Only then will you get a dollar figure. This takes energy and - most importantly - time to simply arrive at the first mention of how much you’ll need to pay for marketing services.

We’re providing a shortcut for those without time on their hands to go through this lengthy process. We know you’re busy; we’re cutting to the chase and letting you know this is how much you can expect to pay for our killer integrated marketing services.

We also want our clients - current or prospective - to know our full range of capabilities. You might not need them all right now but we want to have the opportunity to make it known that yes, we can bring a social media marketing element to your marketing mix at a later date or provide an all-in-one integrated dashboard to help you measure your marketing effectiveness across all channels.

Also know that while we have three packages available, don’t hesitate to contact us to create a tailor-made marketing program that fits your needs.

So there you have it. Our hope and goal is to help prospective clients know - before even picking up the phone or sending us an email - how much they’ll need to pay to use our services.  Listing agency pricing on our website supports one of our three main values as an agency: being honest and wholly transparent.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen many other examples of digital marketing agencies listing their prices on their website? Let us know in the comment section below!

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