How Lasers Took Over Coachella, the Fiesta Bowl & London

The Bay Area is buzzing about the closing act for the first weekend of Coachella …

Tupac rose from the dead to perform alongside Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre

Or so it would seem. San Diego-based AV Concepts worked with Dr. Dre and his team to create a hologram of the famous rapper who was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip in 1996.

And this Hallogram was produced using – you guessed it – LASERS!

1. University of Oregon @ the 2010 Fiesta Bowl

On behalf of The University of Oregon, Nike projected Oregon and Nike logos on the side of Mount Camelback before the 2010 Fiesta Bowl between Oregon and Auburn University’s championship showdown.

One of our favorite out of home media vendors, MacDonald Media, helped put the promotion together, which makes it even better!

2. Tupac at Weekend One of Coachella

As we mentioned above, AV Concepts facilitated the creation and execution of the Tupac hologram that graced the stage at Coachella this past Sunday night.

Working with Digital Domain, the Hollywood based CG shop behind Tron and X-Men (among many others), AV Concepts was able to create an extremely realistic hologram of the now-deceased artist that wowed the first weekend crowd.

3. Deadmau5 & Nokia Performing Live in London

A plug for the rising star of the smartphone universe, the Nokia 900, featured famous house DJ Deadmau5 mixing a live set to the tune of sound-matching visual sequences in a crowded London park.

Again, what made this projection possible?



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