Job Posting: SEM Intern for Spring 2016

MKG is hiring!

This blog post outlines an internship opportunity here at MKG Marketing beginning in January 2016.

This job posting will cover:

  • Vision & opportunity: Who is this person and how far can they spread their wings?
  • Day to day: What your role and responsibility will look like.
  • Job requirements: What skills should you already have?

Vision & Opportunity

This position is an Internship-to-Full Time Employment (FTE) opportunity.

In a perfect world, we’d like to hire this job as an intern for the Spring and, if everybody enjoys working together, a full time job offer would be extended in June 2016.

My main man Dwight from the Office couldn’t say it any better.

Our vision for this position:

  • 75% Paid Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Strategy & Optimization
  • 25% Paid Search (Google Ads and Bing Ads) Strategy & Optimization

We’re looking for outside-of-the-box thinkers; individuals who aren’t afraid to think of new ways to try things and test. Ideally: you have your testing hat on 24/7 and are continuously thinking about how you can try new ad copy / imagery / targeting / etc.

You know that failure is inevitable. But failing is learning. And you can react quickly to try something new if you see something not gaining traction like you thought it would.

You’ll be working with client accounts that allow the flexibility to test and try new things.

In our opinion, the opportunity upside is huge for this position. We want to hire a motivated individual who can grow into this job.

Day to Day: Paid SEM

  • Account Lead on SEM Campaigns: Provide paid SEM strategy in campaign build outs, optimizations, and efficiencies.
  • Daily SEM Optimizations: Make tweaks to paid search campaigns that MKG is managing.

Day to Day: Social PPC

  • Account Lead on Social PPC Campaigns: Provide social PPC strategy in campaign build outs, optimizations and efficiencies.
  • Daily Social PPC Optimizations: Make tweaks to social PPC campaigns that MKG is managing.
  • Test and Track: Apply testing strategies to accounts and make hard, fast decisions based on output. Document these tests and work on a testing matrix schedule that will provide a history and future for testing.

Day to Day: Analytics

  • Marketing Analytics Overview: Play a support role in paid acquisition analytics needs. Examples include pulling reports from Google Analytics, developing data analysis skills, and supplying the “why things are happening” answers for monthly paid acquisition reporting (Paid Search/Social).
  • Google Analytics Co-Leader: Lead Google Analytics deployments, technical audits and fixes. BONUS POINTS: Enhanced Ecommerce experience
  • Google Tag Manager Support: Deploy marketing tags, Google Analytics Universal Analytics and using data layers on a regular basis
  • Technical Auditor: Play a secondary role and audit with technical audits of systems and tools. Daily focus would be Facebook advertising/Google Ads/Bing Ads conversion tags, web analytics (Google Analytics and Omniture) tagging and dynamic conversion tracking are a few examples of common daily activities.

Job Requirements:

Candidate should have the following skills and credentials:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ Certified)
  • Active Google Ads certification
  • Knowledge of Paid Search platforms (Google Ads & Bing Ads)
  • Beginner understanding of organic search best practices
  • Ability to manage multiple clients and projects simultaneously
  • Flexible schedule to work part time (10-30 hours/week) during internship period.
  • Based in Portland, OR metropolitan area (PDX, Vancouver, etc)
  • Bonus: Google Tag Manager certified.
  • Bonus: Understand WordPress, SquareSpace or similar CMS platforms.
  • Bonus: Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript considered a major plus.

Does this sound like you?

If you are ready to work in a fun, face-paced environment that offers serious room to grow, then fill in the form under the meme of Gru below :)

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