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Work/Life Balance Is a Thing!

Work/Life balance has become a buzzword that companies use. Many companies make hollow promises about flexibility and unlimited everything - then you get grief for picking up a sick child from school (true story at some of our previous jobs)! Companies overwork their employees, treat them as replaceable, require hours of commuting every day, and expect amazing work in return.

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MKG Puts People First

We believe in People First - our team members well being and families are the #1 most important thing here at MKG.

The way MKG puts Work/Life balance first is simple: Flexibility. Team members work 8 hour days -- often the most convenient 8 hours based on their schedule. You can start early and end early if you need to. Sometimes we break the day up because there is a sick child at home and nap time is the only time to work. Vacation days are encouraged. Sick time is unlimited. 100% Paid Family Leave for Mothers and Fathers is real - take 90 days to get to know your newborn!

Check out Adam’s Blog about his experience while on Paternity leave.

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Adam Bullock Paternity Leave at MKG


What We Do

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, Digital Advertising, and Analytics. MKG serves customers primarily in the B2B Technology and Healthcare verticals.

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Where We're Located

We are a distributed company with team members in Colorado, Idaho, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Washington State. This is a 100% remote working position. This gives you the flexibility to maintain a work/life balance. You’ll get more of your day back by not being forced to commute every day - although we do have offices you can go to if you'd like!

As a remote digital marketing agency in the United States, staying connected when you are working is crucial. Clear communicators excel here; we stay in touch using Zoom Chat and Conference, Asana, and email (to name a few).

Who Works With Us

At MKG, we hire Digital Marketing Experts (DMEs) with 8+ years of experience. Account Directors and Digital Marketing Generalists support these DME's. This makes us mostly a flat organization which minimizes duplicate work and energy.

We prioritize a balance between personal and professional life, this position is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work on challenging and interesting clients/projects, but is looking for a marketing agency that respects your interests and commitments during non-work hours.

We are open to anyone in the US to applying. If you like to be near colleagues to connect from time to time then New Orleans or Portland are recommended!



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1. 90 Day Trial

Given the distributed nature of our company and our agile, tight-knit culture, all MKG employees begin either in a full-time position in a 90 day trial period. You will recieve an MKG Laptop and holidays only. It’s very important for both the new hire and the company that everyone works well together.

2. Full-Time Offer

10 Business Days before your 90 days ends we will meet to discuss the past 80 days at MKG. Have you enjoyed working here? Do the clients, Experts and Account Directors see you as a valuable addition to the team? Do you want to continue working here? At that point we'll determine if you want to continue working at MKG or if we'd like to part ways.

3. Full-Time Employee

If the full time position has been extended and you have accepted you will be fully onboarded into all of our benefits as listed below.

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Full-Time Employee Benefits

At MKG Marketing, our number one company value is People First. We truly believe that your livelihood and family are the #1 priority for you to help drive marketing growth for our clients. Each of our company values reflects this in an effort to help you achieve true work/life balance.


We are a family-oriented company and want our team members to be happy both at work and at home. Ask some of our team members about how flexible MKG is.

Annual Stipend

FTEs have $1,000 to spend on professional development and business needs (phone, internet, hardware beyond what is initially provided, and software beyond what is standard.)


We offer healthcare benefits that include medical, dental, and vision. MKG subsidizes the first $450 of your health coverage and $250 for dependents.


After working for MKG full time for three months, you'll be eligible to put as much of your paycheck into your 401k as you like. MKG will match up to 5% your gross salary.

Employee Recognition

Earn MKG stars that can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and more! These stars are given by your colleagues in recognition of you kicking a$$ and taking names.

Paid Time Off

FTEs can take up to 20 business days of vacation every year. Use it or lose it! We also offer all major federal holidays, two floating holidays, and the office is closed December 24 - January 1st.

100% Paid Family Leave

12 Weeks of Paid Maternity/Paternity leave for all new children - born or adopted. You are eligible for three full months of paid leave to be with your new family, whether this is your first or 5th baby.

New Business Finder's Fee

5% finder’s fee for bringing in net new business for brand new clients.

$8,000 New Employee Finder's Fee

We want you to work with people who are equally talented and motivated. That's why we offer an $8,000 bonus for successfully recruiting a new team member to join MKG. This bonus is paid over 12 months.

Jessica Ward - MKG Marketing Account Director

Open Opportunities

Digital Advertising Expert

Own PPC strategy and execution for our clients. Watch your work make an impact.

Make an Impact

SEO Expert

Work alongside SEO experts who have an average of 16 years of SEO experience.

Be Heard

Digital Generalist

Bring your T-Shaped marketing abilities to the MKG Team of Experts.

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