MKG is Hiring a PPC Manager

Are you looking for your next great job?

That one role you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning for? The one that makes you so excited that you can't contain your enthusiasm?

Good: We're hiring!

Take a look at the job description below to see if you're the right fit. If interested, please email us at with the subject line 'PPC Manager Application'.

What is MKG Marketing?

We are looking for a full-time PPC manager to work in our San Francisco, Portland or Seattle offices. This position would begin in March 2015.

Before we dive into the job requirements, here's a little bit about us:

  1. Opened shop in the Starbucks at 2nd & Cherry Street in Seattle, WA, in July 2012
  2. Currently at 3 full time employees based in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco
  3. Our key clients include Parallels, Chevron, Wiley Publishing & VMware
  4. As a general rule of thumb, we do NOT respond to RFP’s or participate in lengthy new business pitches because they take resources away from our happy, paying customer base
  5. Our main services include, PPC, SEO, Design & Development, and Analytics

Our Values

We’d like to think that working at MKG Marketing is a fun, challenging and supportive experience for all our employees.

That being said, here are the values that we live by here at MKG:

  1. People First: We are in this together! We want you to be happy and have a healthy work/life balance.
  2. Exceeding Expectations: Some of our favorite words to describe this value include dedicated, flexible and dependable; when we say we are going to do something we deliver on that promise.
  3. Team Pride: This isn’t just marketing; we look at this work as our craft. We are masters of this craft and have a lot of pride in our workmanship.
  4. Big Picture: Focus on the end goal and drive as hard as you can until you achieve it. Ask yourself the question “How big of an impact will this make?” regularly.
  5. Fearless: Always be learning and challenge yourself to try new things.

What Do We Do & Who Are Our Customers?

We are a digital marketing agency. Our services boil up into three key category:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (Paid / Organic)
  2. Design
  3. Analytics

We listed a few of our key customers in the paragraph above, but in general our criteria for selecting new clients to work with is:

  1. Lead generation or e-commerce companies only
  2. More than 50,000 unique visitors to your website every month

Enough About Us: Here is What We're Looking For!

We are looking for someone with these values to join the team:

  1. Client Obsession: Someone who starts with the client and works backwards. They work hard to earn and keep client respect.
  2. Big Thinker: Someone who isn’t merely focused on today’s to-do list… rather, thinking about the week, month and quarter.
  3. Simplify: The team sees the best results when something is done in a simple yet effective way.
  4. Highest Standards: You have a rhythm with your workload and everything that you deliver to the client you’re 100% proud of.
  5. Results-Driven: Everything that you do goes back to the goal set by yourself and the client.
  6. Self-Motivator: You thrive working by yourselves and not in a traditional office setting. You can stay focused on the task at hand.

The hire is expected to directly assist the Director of Search to manage paid search and social PPC campaigns. This includes pulling the levers, deep-diving into data and relentlessly testing and obsessing over squeezing out as much ROAS as possible.

As a small team, it’s important to work together before we jump into the deep end of the pool, so-to-speak.

That being said, all hires are 90-day contract-to-hire positions. This ensures that the 3 full time team members currently at MKG Marketing and yourself, get used to working together and really enjoy that working relationship. All contract positions are considered full time (40 hours per week) and will be paid out as a salary (no need to worry about punching a time clock).

What Will You Do?

Your time will be focused on these activities:

  1. Facebook Ads management
  2. Google Ads management
  3. Other various PPC and social PPC platform management

Facebook Ad Management Details

  1. Take Over: Managing existing marketplace campaigns that tie directly back to our primary goal: ROAS.
  2. Endless Testing: Test new ad copy, new serving options, custom audiences – and keep track of these tests and outcomes.
  3. Power Editor Power User: Know Power Editor like the back of your hand. Dazzle us with your wizardry and skill with the ever-evolving platform.
  4. Facebook Ads Obsessed: You love tinkering and testing with Facebook Ads so much you’re willing (and happy) to spend hours sifting through data and developing new ways to improve results.

Google Ads Management Details

  1. Take Over: Managing existing Search and Display Network campaigns and look to supercharge performance.
  2. Copy That, Over: Test new ad copy including titles, description lines, DKI, etc. and make those critical decisions about what’s working and why.
  3. Endless Remarketing: You don’t just set up remarketing: you have experience building custom audience pools based on site visitors personas, site actions and more using Google Tag Manager or another Tag Management System (TMS).

Various PPC & Social PPC Management Details:

  1. Experimental Platforms: Our clients love how we bring them new opportunities. We want you to help us identify new opportunities and drive test budget and management initiatives.
  2. Experience With...:These “secondary” platforms of which we’re talking about include but are not limited to Twitter Ads, Stumbleupon Paid Discovery, Outbrain, Gravity and Reddit Ads.


We want you to display the following abilities:

  1. Up-to-date Google Ads and Bing Ads certifications
  2. Data driven! We need folks who are interested in quantitative and qualitative data; reading it, deciphering it and focusing on what to do next, not simply what has already happened in the past.
  3. Strong writer! We believe that written communication is an art; show us you’re a persuasive writer.
  4. Strong verbal communicator is needed. You’ll be talking directly to clients and we need to be comfortable that you’re sharp witted as well as can think on your feet.
  5. Google Analytics certification (GA Fundamentals Course Certifications accepted)
  6. Bonus: Understand WordPress, SquareSpace or similar CMS platforms.
  7. Bonus: Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript considered a major plus.

Benefits of Working at MKG:

This is a three-month contract-to-hire position. We want both parties to love working with each other at the end of 90 days; if that isn’t the case, then we’re more than happy to go our separate ways.

The basic perks package includes the standard items:

  1. MacBook Air
  2. Office space at a co-working space of your choice

Now, onto the fun perks :-)

If hired full time at the end of 90 days, you’ll be eligible for our FTE perks package that includes a yearly allowance of $3,200 to spent thoughtfully on any of the following:

  1. A mandatory 20 days of vacation time: FTE’s are required to take at least one month (20 days) of vacation every year. Use it or lose it!
  2. Monthly Ridesharing Subsidy: Uber and Lyft
  3. Online Learning Course Subsidy: Coursera, Lynda or Amazon Learning courses
  4. Paid Tickets to Industry Events (#SearchFest, CES, etc)
  5. Employee Recognition: Earn MKG stars that can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards. These stars are handed out by your colleagues in recognition of you kicking a$$ and taking names – in other words, we want you to be recognized for being a complete rock star!
  6. New Business Finders Fee: 10% finders fee on the first months invoice (delivered quarterly)

Think You Have What it Takes?

If you're interested, please email us at with the subject line 'PPC Manager Application'.

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