MKG Marketing Gives Back in 2014 and Looks Forward

The year 2014 has been a big one for MKG, not only professionally, but personally as well. One of five beliefs we have at MKG is “People First” meaning we recognize that we are all human beings before we are teammates, clients, influencers, or customers. We celebrate “People First” by being happy, working together and maintaining a solid work/life balance.

Here are some things the MKG team has done outside of work in 2014 that shows “People First” as well as our personal goals for 2015.

Mike Krass Gives Back with Coffee and Knowledge

In 2014, I went to coffee with young professionals about once a month and shared advice on how to grow their careers. These young professionals tended to be in their early 20s, just finishing college and looking forward to entering the workforce, but are having difficulty standing out or discovering what they really love to do professionally.

In 2015, I’d like to give back in two ways. The first by purchasing, what's known as a 'Suspended Coffee' at least once a week. Essentially, you buy two coffees at the coffee shop, one for you and one “suspended” and when someone who can’t afford a cup of joe comes in they are given the “suspended coffee” by the barista.

The second way, would be by creating more active working sessions with the young, college kids looking to get into marketing. Sure, I can give advice till my throat is raw from speaking, but in all honestly I'd rather sit down for 30 minutes and learn what they're about. Then show them what we do marketing and have them actually tinker around with something real and tangible on our website.

Kerry Guard Gives Back with Donated Blankets

In 2014, I donated three handmade baby blankets to our local hospital, Evergreen Hospital. I make blankets, and for everyone I sell, I donate one.

In 2015, I hope to set up a proper Etsy Store, Baby Guard, to sell and donate more blankets.

Christian Bullock Gives Back with Random Acts of Kindness and 365 SEO Tips

In 2014, I had a personal goal to just be more giving in general. For example, an internet friend of mine was like, “This is a cool sweatshirt!” (he likes Cthulhu) and I surprised him by just ordering it for him and having it shipped to him. I’ve purchased coffee for people behind me at Starbucks a couple of times or a gyro at the local gyro drive-thru for the next person. Small little contributions that I hope would help light up people’s days.

From a family perspective, I made myself tell both of my daughters that I was proud of them for one specific thing every single day in 2013, which I’ve accomplished.

In 2015, I’ll be launching, an entirely free site to view videos on search engine optimization (SEO). I will be creating a video every day for a year, which should take up plenty of my free time.

Adam Bullock Gives Back with Youth Volunteering

In 2014, I went through formal training to become a mentor to children. My training was specifically for working with vulnerable children (kids who may enrolled in foster care, have emotional or behavioral disabilities, or have been identified as ‘high-risk’ for any reason). The training itself was enlightening and I’ve successfully used strategies from it in other aspects of my life. In August, I was matched up with my buddy and it’s been an amazing experience!

In 2015, I look forward to finding more ways to volunteer my time for the good of children. My mentoring experience has lead me to volunteer at an elementary school once a week and I’ve found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Jenna Forstrom Gives Back with Helping the Less Fortunate

In 2014, I celebrated my third year of volunteering at NightStrike, a homeless outreach program here in Portland, Oregon. Every week, Bullet (my pit bull) and I go under the Burnside Bridge and hand out food, clothing, dignity items, encouragement and Bullet gives lots of kisses. We celebrated birthdays, employment opportunities, sobriety and even had a baby shower! Personally, the mobile medical clinic and dental clinic, which I helped fundraise for my 27th birthday, completed their first year of service under the Bridge.

In 2015, I hope to continue serving with NightStrike and plan on donating more to their mission through my startup, Hop Hands. I also hope to inspire more people to step out of their comfort zones and serve in some capacity in their own way on a regular basis in 2015.

2014 Has Been Great, 2015 Will Be Even Better

It’s been a year of transformation for MKG Marketing. Our dedication to giving back in 2014 has turned us into better marketers, a more well-rounded organization and above all else, better people.

We want to hear from you! What is one way you gave back in 2014 that you are proud of? What is one goal you have in 2015? Leave a comment and let us know!

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