A PPC Professional Uses the New AdWords 2018 Interface - Part 1 - Into The Mouth of Madness

It’s come to this. I’m ready.

It’s time to give the new AdWords Experience™ a shot.

I have been resistant to the new interface since the moment it has been available for me to use. Nay, since the moment it was announced (over TWO years ago!).

Adwords Experience

At some point, however, the Experience™ will become the standard interface and the current interface will be phased out.

So, come join me, as I will be documenting my journey of switching COLD TURKEY to Experience™.

  • I’ve been using the current AdWords interface for 10+ years.
  • I’ve ran every type of campaign.
  • And I hate change.

This should be fun!

Come back next week for my first full week of JUST Experience™!

Now, let me just log in and check out my Google Analytics columns to ensure quality traffic is coming through… annnnnnnd those columns are not available in Experience™.

Adwords Experience

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