Personalization Marketing Done Right: JetSetter

Dear JetSetter, a Premium Hotel Booking Website:

I would just like to commend you for the awesomeness that is your digital marketing, which features a heavy does of personalization marketing.

Not only did you deliver me a re-targeting ad on Facebook after I visited your website, but it was personalized with a hotel that I had JUST looked at.  I’m impressed.

On top of the ad being personalized to my browsing tastes, you accomplished a lot in just 90 characters.

In three steps, let’s break down the anatomy of your Facebook ad:

  1. Title: Your Company Name - A good start as I've already been to your site so now I recognize who is talking to me
  2. Image: Picture of the hotel I was looking at - A little busy for a thumbnail image, but I get the sense of ambiance
  3. Body: Name of the hotel to remind me what I looked at ... check.  Price of the hotel, check. Sense of urgency, check.

I clicked on the ad to make sure your personalization followed through to the website, and it did! You took me right to the Hudson Hotel landing page of your website.

The only blunder I see is the price listed is not the price from your ad. Because it’s such a 33% price difference ($120) it could cost you a user to bounce.

On top of your ad being clear, concise, and to the point, so is your landing page. Travel websites take note of the following:

  • Big pictures
  • Clean background
  • Easy & fun navigation for checking availability
  • Big, eye-catching buttons
  • Easily shareable

Thank you Jetsetter for showing us marketers how Personalization Marketing is really done.

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