Relationship Marketing, March Madness & Oreo Tweets

The lights had just gone out at the Superdome in New Orleans in the now-infamous Super Bowl blackout when Oreo sent a tweet that said Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.

It was a completely spontaneous marketing move that tapped into an event unfolding in real time.

Known as real-time marketing, these are tactics executed “on-the-fly” to determine an the best approach to a reach a customer at a specific time or place.

Combined with a relationship marketing program that focuses on customer acquisition, retention & satisfaction, real-time marketing efforts could prove to be a big part of America’s next big sporting event: NCAA basketball’s “March Madness” tournament.

So how can your brand or digital marketing agency combine relationship marketing programs with real-time marketing?

  1. Automation: Brands and agencies need to create a framework of predetermined processes within their existing relationship marketing program. Examples of these processes include integrating marketing & analytics toolsets and aligning physical workforce with these toolsets.
  2. Marketing Channel Integration: How are your marketing channels integrated together? To the point above about establishing predetermined processes, making sure that you have identified and integrated each marketing channel in advance is critical.
  3. Measurement: Create goals and measure, measure, measure! Use these goals to show measurable failure/success of your efforts.

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