Conversion Rate

It is the measurement of the successes of a paid campaign. It is measured by the number of potential visitors performing any of the desired actions such as buying a product, filling a form, etc. For example, if there are 100 visitors to a particular webpage via a PPC ad, and three of those 100 visitors buy the product the website sells, then the conversion rate for that particular ad is three percent. The larger the conversion rate, the more successful the website is.


The user experience also plays an important role in this number. The easier the process to purchase is, the easier it will be to gain more conversions. You will need to decide what the conversion actually is; is it a purchase, a completed lead form, or a newsletter sign-up?

A good rule of thumb is also providing a confirmation email after purchase, or offering relevant content/products matching said purchase on the Thank You page (don’t forget to track all of these website actions)

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