SEO Manager Opening at MKG Marketing

This position is a 90 day contract position. But, our goal is to evaluate working together for 90 days, and if it’s a good fit, extend an offer for Full Time Employment (FTE).

Our vision for this position is:

50% Technical, On-Page SEO: Inclusive of audits, technical optimizations, etc.

This is pulling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty work. Meaning: crawling sites, looking at exports, manually going through site to look for SEO opportunities, and helping to create a story that will be client-facing to present.

25% SEO Strategy: Includes high level SEO strategy for our clients to execute on.

This includes ensuring you’re up to snuff when it comes to new algorithm changes that Google makes, reading the latest SEO news, and looking at organic search traffic for our client sites and thinking, “What can we capitalize to further help traffic grow?”

25% Client Facing Support: Includes meetings, ad-hoc requests and division of work between SEO Manager (you!) and the Search Marketing Director, Christian Bullock.

We want to know that you can walk the walk and talk the talk. Often with clients, we have weekly or bi-weekly meetings that have lots of questions about what’s going on with SEO. Having another voice in the room that’s knowledgeable and able to explain a complex thing in simple terms is helpful.

Who You Are

We’re looking for outside-of-the-box thinkers; individuals who have a really comprehensive base of knowledge (5+ years doing SEO) but still aren’t afraid to think of new ways to try things and test.

You don’t just do SEO “by the book.” You tinker, you test, and you learn - whether it’s a positive or negative impact - and react quickly.You’ll be working with client accounts that allow the flexibility to test and try new things.

The opportunity upside is huge for this position. We are a growing company that has retained 90% of the clients brought on since we opened our doors in July 2011. Help establish our SEO team with Christian Bullock and know that your practices and techniques can help shape a potential entire department of folks.

Day to Day: SEO

  • Technical SEO: ensure client sites are crawlable and have “user-based” SEO signals turned up to 11. Review site hierarchy and ensure any new pages a client has recently set live are placed appropriately. Review GSC / BWT profiles and ask the question, “Are these issues being reported big problems? Small problems? Or no problem?”
  • Site Audits: our team loves performing site audits. Why? We find that by doing so on a quarterly basis, we absolutely always find items our last audit didn’t uncover. You will help by pulling crawls together, ensuring we hit on every aspect of a website, and helping stack-rank a list of items that need to be addressed.
  • Roadmapping: often people call this a “content calendar” or an “editorial calendar” - we like roadmap. It tells the client, “Here are keyword opportunities and themes that our research has uncovered; let’s craft interesting Evergreen or temporal content for it.” It’s action-oriented: here is our warpath, now let’s get our army in place. You will help uncover these opportunities and scrape existing, related items to find what type of content has a high probability of being successful (the Skyscraper method).
  • Client Support: clients have questions and we have answers. Support the Search Marketing Director by responding to requests and ensure any new items get slotted into our workflow.
  • SEO Strategy: “be off the grid” and do high level thinking about the state of our client’s websites and their organic search traffic. What are some things we can do - traditional and nontraditional - that can help bump up traffic?

Job Requirements:

Candidate should have the following skills and credentials:

  • 5+ years of hands-on SEO experience  
  • Willing to work in an Individual Contributor (IC) role - we are not hiring a SEO Manager to ‘manage’ a bunch of other search marketers. Instead, you’ll actually product work on a daily basis for our clients.
  • Working proficiency with the following tools: BrightEdge, Moz, Raven Tools, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Ability to manage multiple clients and projects simultaneously
  • Minimum education requirements: A bachelor's degree from an accredited 4-year university or in process of acquiring said degree
  • Based in Portland, OR or Seattle, WA metropolitan areas
  • Bonus: proficiency with the following tools: BrightEdge and Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Bonus: Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ Certified)
  • Bonus: Working knowledge of Javascript considered a major plus.

Position Details

This initial offer is a full-time contractor position.

The hire would work for an average of 40 paid hours per week, inclusive of client meetings.

Following the 3 month trial period, three few outcomes are possible:

  1. Part ways amicably
  2. Extend a full time contract position offer for another contract (timing TBD)
  3. Extend a full time employment (FTE) offer

If a full time position is offered at the conclusion of trial period, here are the benefits to be aware of:

  • Job Title: SEO Manager
  • Salary: TBD (will depend on location and experience)
  • Health coverage: Full benefits
  • Retirement/401k/Savings Plan
  • A mandatory 20 days of vacation time: FTE’s are required to take at least one month (20 business days) of vacation every year. Use it or lose it!
  • Annual allowance of $1,600 to spend on industry event tickets, online learning courses (, for example), and other fun work-related expenses
  • Employee Recognition: Earn MKG stars that can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards. These stars are handed out by your colleagues in recognition of you kicking a$$ and taking names – in other words, we want you to be recognized for being a complete rock star!
  • New Business Finders Fee: 10% finders fee for bringing in “net-new” business; that is, brand business that is new to the company roster. Reward is determined as 10% of the first month’s invoice within 30 days of being received by MKG Marketing’s accounting department.

Interested in applying for this job?

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