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Expert Analytics Services are comprised of indivuals who have 8+ years of experience, they partner with clients to truely understand their end goals, then develop analytics systems and processes to ensure your marketing efforts are measured end to end so you know exactly if and how your money is delivering a return on investment.

Digital Advertising Meets Facebook Targeting

Experts Produce Expert-Level Work

Digital analysts are hard to come by.

That’s why MKG has built an entire service line of digital marketing experts who have 8+ years of experience within our agency.

These digital analytics experts know what they are doing.

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The Right Measurement

The Marketing leader has to have a Digital Analytics resource with a diverse set of skills.

Technical Instrumnetation

Systems need to speak to each other. This includes

  • Tagging taxonomies
  • Systems integration (e.g. Google Ads to Marketo)
  • Systems Training
  • Initial Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering Reviews
  • Ongoing QA support
  • Data cleansing to ensure Data Quality

Analytics Strategy

Besides the hard skills to configure all the reporting, a strong digital analyst shows the ability to build out a measurement strategy.

  • Create benchmarks
  • Explain measurement strategies to Marketing stakeholders of all levels
  • Leading data-driven conversations in order to make future decisions

Reporting Rhythm

This is the tangible reporting product. A strong digital analyst can provide:

  • Data visualizations
  • Report outs in various formats

These report outs help tell the story of what is happening on a certain campaign, channel or marketing program. Most importantly these report outs tell us what to do next if we were to follow the 1’s and 0’s presented in the reports.

Scott Brinker | Chief Martech

Business Leaders...

The VP of Marketing is constantly being pushed to prove the effectiveness of his or her efforts.

It usually comes in the form of questions such as:

  • Can we measure the direct impact of this investment?
  • How did that investment perform?
  • When will we know if this worked or not?

A VP of Marketing tends to be be the king or queen of answering questions up the chain of command.

What's In Your MarTech Stack?

"Huh?" to "Got it"

While the person we described above is leading their area of expertise within the company, they are searching for strategies or tactics to execute against that will create this predictable stream of new customer leads.

It’s not just leads they need.

It’s leads that turn into sales meetings. Meetings that become proposals. Proposals that move to Closed - Won in your CRM.

In a world where guarantees are hard to come by, where is one source of predictability?

Analytics Case Study

Calculate Lifetime Value Of Your Customer

Calculate your customer's lifetime value in relation to your advertising spend and truely understand the value of both your marketing budget and the leads they garner.

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From Huh, to CHA-CHING!

In less than 12 months many of our clients see major improvements in sales opportunities, pipeline created and closed - won deals as a result of optimizing marketing activity against business-level metrics.

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