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Digital Advertising is a facet that you turn off and on and we control how much water comes out by balancing budget, channels, and tactics. By first starting with your bottom line we create a strategy with transparent, measureable media.

Digital Advertising Meets Facebook Targeting

PPC Ads. Paid Demand Gen. Paid Media. Digital Ads.

PPC advertising - also referred to as paid media or paid demand gen by many of our clients - delivers predictability at scale.

Think of PPC like a faucet: The leads flood in as long as the tap is running. Business Leaders need the right expert in place to make sure every drop counts.

We can help scale PPC investments and outcomes up or down with a few clicks of the mouse.

We can segment and target very specific prospects by building audiences to target ads to those individuals

We love PPC because David has more than a slingshot’s chance at Goliath; if you have some budget, you can show up for the exact audience or keyword query that you want.

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The Means To Reach Your Audience

The Business leader has to understand how this is scalable, predictable source of new customer deals works.

Measurement Strategy

We will cover the basics of measurement and goals during our discovery process.

Once a client, we will create benchmarks as well as future KPIs that align with your business goals.

Channel Strategy and Media Mix

Based on the your audience as well as your goals our team of experts determines the best media mix, leveraging strategic and tactical media planning to reach the client's target audience and overall goals.

Messaging and Structure

MKG writes text ad messaging to present to you for feedback and/or approval. At this time, we also present the campaigns should be structured campaign structure in terms of campaign organization, ad groups, copy and creative.

Strategist Review

Prior to setting all campaigns in the market, our dedicated Google Premier Agency strategists and our Facebook Ads Manager strategist review the campaign builds, make suggestions and give a formal "blessing" on the way we've built the campaigns so they will meet our client goals.

Build and Publish

Across each PPC channel our team builds and activates the campaigns in order to set them live. Into the world you go, PPC campaigns!


We make micro adjustments weekly and provide a dashboard of performance. Monthly, we review performance and make sweeping changes and recommendations. Quarterly, we review KPIs to ensure we're aligned with your business outcomes as we understand it's a forever changing world.

Optimize everything from:

  • PPC Channels (e.g. Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Search, etc)
  • Creative
  • Messaging
  • Audience
  • A/B tests
  • Destination landing pages

Reporting Rhythm

Deliver PPC reporting:

  • Weekly scorecard reports that outline performance against KPIs
  • Deep dive reports that detail performance on a monthly and quarterly basis
Joanne Kernie | ExtraHop Networks

Business Leaders...

...enjoy predictability that can scale.

Enjoy is probably an understatement.

For their business to move forward, they need predictable and scalable tactics to help power the next stage of growth at their companies.

They could be sales leaders. Marketing. Ops or Finance.

For those in a leadership position at their company, you are the 'business leader' avatar we are painting here.

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Guarantees Are Hard to Come By

While the person we described above is leading their area of expertise within the company, they are searching for strategies or tactics to execute against that will create this predictable stream of new customer leads.

It’s not just leads they need.

It’s leads that turn into sales meetings. Meetings that become proposals. Proposals that move to Closed - Won in your CRM.

In a world where guarantees are hard to come by, where is one source of predictability?

Case Study
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2x Your Conversion Rate

Wondering if location settings are destroying your Google Ads Conversion Rate?

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Wins in Less Than 6 Months

On average, our clients will see PPC wins coming through in less than 6 months time from the first moment we engage with them.

If you are curious how we do that, schedule some time with our business development leader AnDrae' Jones to find out.

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