Any website can get hit with a Google penalty. Be it large, well-known and established websites or small ones.

A website might be violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines without even knowing so. Other times, site owners are caught red handed.

MKG’s Google Penalty Recovery Service SEO team can help. MKG diagnoses the issue - whether a manual penalty or algorithmic - and sets up an action plan to abolish the penalty.

Diagnosing a Google Penalty

Manual penalties show up in Google Search Console. But they can still be tricky to diagnose. Google will supply a very small slice of the issue and not give the full picture of what the problem is.

That’s where MKG can help.

MKG brings clarity into the extent of the issue. Google supplies a handful of harmful inbound links or thin-content examples; our team will show the entirety of the issue.

With algorithmic penalties, MKG will display when the penalty took place. Our team also supplies what type of algorithmic penalty took place. Instances include but are not limited to:

  • Inbound links (Penguin)
  • Thin-content (Panda)
  • Locality (Pigeon)
  • Others (Phantom, Payday and more)

Action Plans to Overturn Penalties

Before work begins, the MKG SEO team will share a plan of attack to fix issues identified.

With sign-off, we’ll get to work with the technical expertise necessary.

After an appropriate amount of work completed, MKG will either: Draft a reconsideration request to submit in Google Search Console Identify the appropriate metrics to measure that hints at recovery

Recovery From a Penalty

Websites do not bounce back to pre-penalty traffic levels after fixing a penalty.

Based on the penalty assessed, MKG will recommend how to bolster the affected side of the ranking equation.

With an ongoing plan, a website can get back to its pre-penalty traffic levels or even succeed them. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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