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Pay Per Click (PPC) Method

We love paid search because David has more than a slingshot’s chance at Goliath; if you have the budget, you can show up for any keyword query you want.

But that’s not nearly the extent of how we approach paid search management for our clients. It all starts at the foundation: ensuring what you’re running is organized in a way that best allows for future success and easier management. Then: ensuring the landing page environment is showcased in such a way that ties directly back to the goal of why we’re running paid search in the first place. We make statistically-significant decisions, and test every element to ensure we’re producing the best results possible.

We’d tell you more, but quite frankly, it’s the secret sauce… and the sauce wouldn’t be so secret if anyone outside our current client base. We have the following certifications:

Facebook Marketing Partner
Bing Certification
Google Certified Partner


Measurement Strategy

Discuss client’s #1 goal and estimate KPIs.

Channel Strategy & Media Mix

Based on client’s audience and goals determine proper PPC channels, showing spend recommendations and share of voice.

Messaging & Campaign Structure

MKG to write text ad messaging and request client approval.


In each channel, set up campaigns and set live.

Report & Optimize

Deliver monthly deep dive reports that layout performance against KPIs and optimizations to improve month over month.

Client Reviews

"It took MKG less than six months of working together to audit our existing Paid Search campaigns, produce a strategy, and implement all the technical elements to measure success. During that time, our cost per conversion improved by 85% and our monthly lead volume doubled. Additionally, our sales pipeline increased by 25%, meaning we saw a 25% increase in enrollment (a sale, for our Charter School system) as a result of the lead volume and quality MKG's Paid Search campaigns provided." Caylee Migliorini | BASIS Independent

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