Read How MKG Won the 2018 BrightEdge Edgie Award

MKG Marketing won the #share18 award for SEO Performance and Results for growing SEO pipeline by 8 figures for Informatica.

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Answer the question: How will this SEO project grow our business?

This guide walks you through the process of using BrightEdge to forecast Keyword Ranking Gains.


Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Audit, Plan and Execute: Using our proprietary 6-Point SEO Audit the team will audit and benchmark our client's SEO performance in order to create an actionable plan, or set of SEO projects, to execute against.

Did we mention that one of our directors of Search Engine Optimization, Christian Bullock, debuted his FOCAL SEO Method at the What If? 2014 Conference in Philadelphia.

More recently, Christian presented his SEO in 33 Minutes Per Day at SEM PDX's Engage Conference in 2018

Our other director of Search Engine Optimization, Tammy Wood, is a 20+ year SEO industry veteran who is a member of a elite SEO mastermind group. She loves to audit and execute SEO projects as well :)

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6-Point SEO Audit

Our audit framework covers the following key ranking elements:

  1. Content
  2. HTML
  3. Architecture
  4. Trust
  5. Links
  6. Global

Competitive Review

Competitive SEO analysis of similar websites or competitors.

This is a deep dive into YOUR competition; how they rank, why and how to overtake them in Search Engine rankings.

SEO Roadmap

An actionable plan plotted onto weekly sprints of SEO projects.

  1. Transparency into what we recommend, when we recommend it and why
  2. Documented process that clients can refer to


Perform a new audit to plot out the next 12 months of activity.

Benchmark performance year-over-year to continue to improve.

Client Reviews

I've worked with many agencies - large and small, throughout my career. I also spent two years at Wunderman (Young & Rubicam) in their strategy group delivering marketing strategies and plans for clients such as Microsoft, Group Health and T-Mobile SMB. That makes me a tougher client than most, I think. I find MKG has consistently developed out-of-the-box, creative, realistic and implementable ideas that are cost effective. The ideas do not come across as cookie cutter, 'cut & paste' from other client proposals. Most importantly, their ideas have consistently produced measurable results.

Marguerite Yeo, Digital and Demand Generation Leader, Tempered Networks

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