Our FOCAL SEO Method and proprietary 6-Point SEO Audit covers all ranking factors that search engine algorithms look for.

Did we mention that our director of Search Engine Marketing, Christian Bullock, debuted the FOCAL SEO Method at the What If? 2014 Conference in Philadelphia.


6-Point SEO Audit

  1. Content
  2. HTML
  3. Architecture
  4. Trust
  5. Links
  6. Global

Competitive Review

Competitive SEO analysis of like websites and/or competitors.

SEO Roadmap & Ongoing Optimizations

An actionable plan plotted out in weekly sprints of agreed upon SEO optimizations.


Perform a new audit to plot out the new year.

Client Reviews

I've worked with many agencies - large and small, throughout my career. I also spent two years at Wunderman (Young & Rubicam) in their strategy group delivering marketing strategies and plans for clients such as Microsoft, Group Health and T-Mobile SMB. That makes me a tougher client than most, I think. I find MKG has consistently developed out-of-the-box, creative, realistic and implementable ideas that are cost effective. The ideas do not come across as cookie cutter, 'cut & paste' from other client proposals. Most importantly, their ideas have consistently produced measurable results. Marguerite Yeo

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Page Load Speed | How to Make Your Website Faster to Rank Higher

A slow site is a poor experience for users. As a result, search engines tend to rank slower sites worse than faster sites. The site must load quickly and aim for 100% uptime. Until recently, Google would only offer suggestions on steps to take to improve page load speed using...

Should you switch to HTTPS for SEO in 2016?

A question we got a lot from our clients is: Is it worth switching our site to HTTPS to benefit our site's SEO? As of right now, MKG believes that for most websites there isn’t enough of a benefit to switch to HTTPS due to the amount of planning and resources...

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