Our FOCAL SEO Method and proprietary 6-Point SEO Audit covers all ranking factors that search engine algorithms look for. Based upon more than ten years of fine tuning, these processes have helped business both small and large meet their traffic and customer acquisition goals from search engines.

Did we mention that our director of Search Engine Marketing, Christian Bullock, debuted the FOCAL SEO Method at the What If? 2014 Conference in Philadelphia?

On-Page: Are your owned properties (website, applications, subdomains, etc) putting their best foot forward when it comes to SEO? Our 6-Point Audit examines architecture, HTML, and global factors (to name a few) and produces a stack-ranked list of opportunities for businesses to tackle to improve their search engine rankings, traffic and web conversion. The best part? Our stank-ranking process orders these opportunities from “Most Impact” delivered to “Least Impact”, helping our clients identify which projects to tackle first.

Off-Page: The second half of the ranking equation: How many links point to your website? To which pages? We implement completely white-hat link building and influencer marketing programs to increase your websites off-page SEO performance.

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