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Expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an always on revenue driver. SEO is like a painting.

Marguerite Yeo

Business Leaders...

Need ongoing revenue. Revenue that generates while they sleep.

Revenue they don't have to think about, they just know they can expect month in and month out as they forecast their growth.

Business leaders want evergreen revenue, and they (meaning you) know SEO is a great place to start until...

Agencies show up, after an audit, with all your glaring SEO problems and expect you to just chip chop chip and fix them.

This leaves you with a whole host of questions - How do I fix them? Do I need to fix ALL of them? And most importantly... what will this do for my bottom line?

That's What Marguerite Yeo Wanted

And That's Where We Start

We first want to understand your business; who your audience is, what problems you solve, what your business outcomes need to be. This way, we our SEO team can focus on your needs right from the start.

Customer Journey
SEO Marketing Agency

The Means To Reach Your Audience

The Business leader has to understand how in the long run this is going to generate evergreen revenue.

1. Measurement Strategy

After hearing your business goals, we'll work with you and your team to create benchmarks and future KPIs for our team to measure success against.

2. Technical Foundation

We'll conduct a full audit of your website, then work with you to prioritize based on importance and the resources you have available. By having the technical SEO elements in place we ensure all all following work will make a greater impact on our KPIs.

3. Keyword Research, Architecture and Content

Next we'll do keyword research. We start with looking at what your prospects are actually searching for. Questions they have. Keywords they use. This becomes the crux of how we approach the content you need to optimze or build from scratch.

4. Long Term

We're on the forefront of content ideation, trend development and continued growth for our clients using tried and true methodology. We'll also ensure your website is ready for any algorithm changes.

5. Measure & Optimize

Every quarter we deliver a Quarterly Business Review which looks out the gains made in traffic and revenue. Where the traffic and revenue came from so we can continuously optimize towards long term growth.

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Forecast Your SEO Traffic

Use BrightEdge and know how much traffic your website will generate based on your existing keyword strategy.

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Long Term,
Cost Effective,
Business Outcomes

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