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Marketing Agencies are great at creating work for you. Giving you all the ideas and expecting you to find time and resources to execute those ideas to grow your business.

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It’s not about making more work for you. It’s about growing your business.

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Our Sales Process

  1. Select which content topics we should we be covering as well as the specific keyword searches we want to rank for
  2. Format of the content. Is it a blog post? Glossary or resource page?
  3. Describe the types of search results we are optimizing for (e.g. universal video result, quick answers, people also ask, etc)

Produce an outline for each piece of web content that needs to be written
  1. Outline includes a detailed briefing to give the copywriter a head start on drafting an awesome piece of content
  2. Includes:
    • Meta data
    • URL or navigation recommendations
    • Technical recommendations (e.g. schema markup)
    • Internal and backlink opportunities
    • Direction for the copywriter to follow

  1. Mine Technical Copywriters in MKG’s network
  2. Select writers who are experts in the category defined by the brief
  3. Client to approve copywriter

  1. Writer to write based on brief
  2. MKG to review and ensure meets brief criteria
  3. Writer to make any content corrections based on MKG feedback
  4. MKG to deliver first draft

  1. To expedite the process we ask for one (1) round of review with you, the client, so we can move to finish and execute the piece
  2. Copywriter makes all changes
  3. Professional proofreader edits for one final AP-style review

  1. Not looking for content changes
  2. Simply reviewing to ensure it fits the style you want

Please note, if you would like to give MKG access to your CMS we're happy to help with setting up drafts and ensuring all SEO elements are correctly accounted for.



For every $1 spent on MKG’s SEO services we generate an average of $26 in pipeline create.

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We find the writers who are subject matter experts in your industry.

You have final approval on all writers for each brief. If you aren’t comfortable, we don’t move forward.

We do 90% of the work, saving your team 90% of effort.

Our Account Directors coordinate all efforts so you only see the first draft and finished product.

Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist said high-quality content and link building are the most important signals to rank your website.

Don’t leave impressions on the table due to a resource shortage.

Invest in the creation of quality, technical content to grab more search impressions and clicks.



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