Small Agency Advantage

Having come from several big agencies, we realized that there was one big flaw…  too many cooks in the kitchen.  By having several people to go through it became whisper down the lane and he said she said.

That’s one of the reasons we created MKG Marketing.  We wanted to have a close direct relationship with our clients so that when something needs to get done it’s one phone call and whoever answers that phone is someone who can complete the task.

It’s not that big agencies are not necessary, for massive accounts like a General Mills who has 55 brands it makes sense that a Publicis Modem would take that on.  But for companies who have only a few products to sell who are interested in results, a small agency can easily plan, execute, and measure their campaigns. Partnering with a smaller agency means quicker turn-arounds, less cooks, and ultimately less overhead.

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