The Best *Free* Website Usability Tool Marketers Should Use Right Now

As marketers, some of the new tools that come across our desks are usually too good to be true. And in the case they are as good as advertised? It costs an arm and a leg to actually use them.

I'm here to tell you that Peek by UserTesting bucks this trend. It sounds too good to be true, but legitimately actually is that good!

AND it's free!

Peek allows you to submit any website and have a fresh set of eyes analyze it. Visitors describe their thoughts when visiting a site for the first time. A video is sent to you hours after submission, which allows you to not only hear their thoughts via their narration, but also watch them navigate through the site. As an example, are people scrolling all the way down to your second call to action in your footer? (FYI: You should absolutely have a second call to action down in your footer.)

This information is valuable when pushing out a refresh of a website design, during layout testing or just for kicks. Because hey, it's free! You get three website submissions a month.

Remember, We Are Not the Target Audience

Of course we didn't think it was necessary to define a spot for providers. But when you think about it, we're about as far removed from Zweena's key audience as there is.

Case in point: We could run through their online tool with our eyes closed.

The goal of Zweena Health's website isn't to teach us about Zweena, it's to educate and encourage new visitors without an understanding of what the tool is to contact their team.

User Testing Should Be Integrated Into Your Team's Strategy Right This Second

It's important to incorporate usability testing into your routine. Peek by UserTesting allows you to do that for free. The reason Peek is free is because UserTesting believes that Web would be a better place if websites were built for the people using them. And it's a great way for them to spark interest in their company for marketers curious about website usability.

The team over at UserTesting has graciously given me a unique URL for our readers that puts website submissions at the top of the queue. I wholeheartedly recommend you to take a Peek at your website (see what I did there?) and start incorporating website usability into your workflow.

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