The ‘Deere Season’ Facebook App

This spring, John Deer has added ‘want’ and ‘own’ buttons to a custom tab on their Facebook brand page.

This is an example of brands bringing Facebook engagement to the next level

When users  visit the John Deere brand page, they have the option to test drive the ‘Deere Season’ app, which allows users to fill in the blanks on a couple statements:

  • "I ____ the John Deere 1 Series sub-compact utility tractor"
  • "I ____ the John Deere H120 loader attachment"

The brand is also incorporating statements such as ‘love’ and ‘crave’ into the fill-in-the-blank forms.

How this engagement translates to sales

From a brand experience standpoint, John Deere marketing rep David Niederkorn said …

The campaign will "support John Deere dealers by inspiring new and existing customers to consider, explore, and perhaps purchase or upgrade existing equipment."

From a CRM standpoint, Niederkorn cited the value in listening and responding to customer & product feedback.

How does this compare to your brands' Facebook page experience?

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