The Greatest Quote from Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney Election 2012

With the 2012 President election results now in ...

.. and Barack Obama delivering his victory speech to a boisterous crowd in Chicago following Mitt Romney’s concession speech to an equally-excited crowd in Boston, we realized that we had heard a lot of great statements made by both of these great politicians over the course of this political season.

But in our minds, there was one quote we heard during this election season that stuck out above the rest. And guess what?

It wasn’t uttered by either of the Presidential candidates.

Instead, this great quote was provided by American Apparel VP of Marketing Ryan Holliday.

Ryan wrote …

"When intelligent people read, they ask themselves one simple question: What do I plan to do with this information?"

Which got us thinking: As you produce work, try asking yourself the same question.

  • What do I personally plan to do with this information?
  • What should others do with the information I am presenting them?

Happy Election Season!

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