Using March Madness to Highlight Customer Touchpoints

8.4 million viewers per game across 4 television networks & more than 26 million site visitors over the first few days of the tournament.

Those are stats from the 2011 edition of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, which means …

The 2012 edition of March Madness is upon us.

To maximize the number of users who consume tournament-related content, fill out their bracket and stream live games on their mobile devices, the NCAA is offering coverage on all iOS powered devices as well as across Android smartphones (sorry, no Android tablets).

So what does this have to do with marketing and/or media?

Well, brands can learn something from the way the NCAA is executing their mobile strategy …

  1. Listen closely to your audience: Between the 2010 and 2011 NCAA basketball tournaments, the mobile audience viewing games and tournament content. The NCAA's decision to expand mobile compatibility to Android devices is a direct reflection of them listening closely to their viewers and providing a mobile viewing solution to the 30% of US smartphone owners running the Android operating system.
  2. Communicate across channels: As we discussed in this blog post, it's critical to speak to consumers across channels. The NCAA will ultimately reap the benefits of their expansion to the Android platform (additional advertising inventory & pay-per-view streaming for games), but most importantly they will be able to establish an official presence as THE go-to place for March Madness coverage across mobile, broadcast TV and web.
  3. New revenue streams: As I mentioned above, the NCAA will cash in on Android advertising revenue and streaming games live on an additional 104 million devices (estimated Android user base according to Pew Research) across the US. Are there similar revenue streams that your brand could tap into by adding new capabilities / functionality to your product or service?

 Oh, and I'm picking Syracuse to win the big dance. Go orange!

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