What Facebook Can Teach Us About User Growth

Earlier today, I came across a great Quora thread that discussed some of the decisions Facebook made to skyrocket it’s user base to more than 500 million users.

Which made me think …

What can we learn from Facebook's user acquisition strategy?

In terms of driving qualified leads and nurturing existing database contacts, there are four key questions your brand needs to ask itself.

  • How do I increase the rate of acquisition (i.e. user sign ups)?
  • What can I activate as many users as quickly as possible in their first 'N' days?
  • What are the levers for engagement & retention and how can I pull them?
  • How do I bring churned users back into the system to 'resurrect' them from the dead?

These questions are shown visually in the graphic above.

You can read the thread in full by clicking the link here ...

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