What UFC Star Anderson Silva Can Teach ,Marketers

Following his defeat of Chael Sonnen Saturday night at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Anderson Silva was a pretty happy guy.

For those of you who are not huge UFC fans, Anderson Silva is the Michael Jordan of ultimate fighting. His accolades include …

  • 34 wins between MMA & UFC sanctioned fights
  • Nicknamed 'the Spider' for his 10 title defenses
  • UFC chief Dana White has called Silva 'the greatest mixed martial artist ever'

But we’re not here to only talk about ultimate fighting. We wanted to take a look at some of the traits that have made Anderson Silva successful and translate these into actionable ‘arrows’ for a marketers quiver, so to speak.

Are Your Communication Points 'on brand'? 

Chael Sonnen had been defeated by Silva back in 2010 and used his other-worldly trash talking ability to talk his way into last Saturday’s rematch.

But even though Sonnen could arrange the rematch by talking smack, he wasn’t able to follow through on the smack talk and defeat Silva in the octagon.

So what does this teach marketers?

  • Stay True to Your Success Metrics: Getting your clients product into the the consideration set of the consumer -- i.e. smack talking your way into a rematch -- is only half the battle. Are you communicating a clear value proposition of your product or service to the prospect in order to seal the deal?
  • Don't Oversell: If your product does 1 thing better than it's competitors in the marketplace, then scream it from the roof tops! What you don't want to do is oversell your product and generate a large following of unhappy clients because you oversold them and the product did not deliver.

Understanding Skill Sets

Silva is a practicing expert in the following forms of martial arts:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Black belt in Tai-Kwon Do
  • Black belt in Judo
  • Yellow rope in Capoeira
  • Master of Muay Thai striking technique

Of course, I’m not recommending that companies make it mandatory to take Jiu-Jitsu (although it would be interesting to require that all office beef be settled by way of lunch-hour nunchuck battles …)

What I am recommending is that marketers need to understand how the skill sets within their organizations lead to a successful outcome for their brand.

As a manager, this means …

  • Assembling a team with the right mix of complementary skills sets
  • Nurturing each member of this team to perform at the happy & productive level
As an employee, this means ...
  • Being proactive in pushing managers for requests such as regular check ins, performance reviews and team-building time
  • Being honest in communicating positive & negative feedback up the food chain

So ...

What else do you think we missed in this post? Let us know in the comments section.

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