Why Agencies & Clients Should Strive to Stand Out

MKG was founded upon one key idea: To be different

We have many values that we follow internally here at MKG Marketing, but acting as a different kind of marketing agency is at the top of our list.

In our opinion, this means …

Not Fostering a 'Take-Take-Take' Mentality

Far too often, folks on the agency side get in the habit of taking all the freebies from their partners. Free baseball tickets here … a bottle of wine there … lunch back there …

But aside from potentially awarding these partners a piece of business, when do they ever return the favor?

We Treat Media Partners as Partners. You won’t hear the term ‘vendor’ from the mouths of any MKG Marketing employee. Every provider that we partner with was selected for a clear and distinct reason, and we want to give them the respect they have earned.

We Give Back to Our Partners. Last spring we took the entire Bloomberg team out for margaritas & a San Francisco Giants baseball game. Last week, we treated our partners at Rocket Fuel to an iTunes gift card for all the hard work they were putting in for our campaigns. It’s the little things that your partners will remember in the long run that make you special – that remind them you are an orange crayon in a box full of red.

Being special to us means …

We Want to Stand Out. And We Want Our Clients to Stand Out Too. 

Many agencies and companies sell out and lose what makes them special.

They lose their ‘quan’, as Cuba Gooding Jr. put it in the movie Jerry McGuire, that special something that makes them stand out. That makes them unique. That little something that makes their customers feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So How Can You Stand Out?

  • Bring in the Best: If you want to stand out as an agency or a brand, you need to bring in the best. The moment you involve anyone less than stellar in the process, you immediately damage the product you've worked so hard to build.
  • Be Selective: Doesn't matter if you're hiring somebody, working through a complex problem or making an improvement to your existing product, to stand out you need to be selective. Don't try and do too many things average -- work on doing a few items really well instead.
  • Create Strong Partnerships: We touched on this above, but creating strong partnerships will allow you to a) work with the best, and b) constantly be selective in the partnerships you create.

So What Makes Your Agency or Company Stand Out?

We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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