Our Values

Our values guide every single decision we make at MKG Marketing Inc; from what blend of coffee to carry in the office (Philz for the win!) to what clients and projects we want to tackle. Read the five values that define how we work.

People First

Our team members are the most important piece of our company. Their happiness is our first priority and, by extension, their families act as an extension of our team.

Exceeding Expectations

Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations our clients have. We don’t simply want to complete a task, we want to surprise you (in a good way!) with the final product.

Selfless Pride

We function as a team. We win together. One person may have sparked the idea, but we all made it happen.

Big Picture

We like to ask each other: What will have the greatest impact? Let’s focus on the big picture to help our clients succeed.


We’re not afraid to fail. Failure leads to learning. Learning leads to doing better next time. It’s in those moments our best work was produced.