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I want to ensure our people have a work life balance, a place where they belong, that they have what they need to thrive, and feel passionate about their work and help our clients feel the same way.

Kerry Guard — CEO

About MKG Marketing

MKG Marketing was one of the first fully-remote marketing agencies to service Washington State and the Bay Area.

We partner with B2B companies creating tailored marketing strategies for Digital Advertising, SEO, and Analytics through transparent communication and long-term relationships between clients and experts.

Our people-first foundation leads to long-term relationships allowing us to build thoughtful, expert, marketing strategies specifically tailored to your company’s mission, goals, and bottom line.

In 2019 we launched our podcast — Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders — to connect leaders through meaningful conversations.

Team Size

Relationships built on real values

People first

We treat each other as humans, talking in plain English, with positivity, and thoughtfulness. We lead with joy and remember to laugh.


We build long-lasting relationships through transparency, honesty, and accountability and weather any short-term discomfort.

Big picture

Our mission is to help our clients be found. We always look towards the client’s goals and how best to achieve them.

One standard

We have one standard — the MKG Standard — for excellence and consistency. We hire experts and follow our processes.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Experts

You will have a direct connection to your team of digital marketing experts.

As a flat organization, we eliminate “whisper down the lane” to ensure communication and strategy are clear and execution is prompt.

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Join our team of Digital Marketing Experts

We are People First — our team’s wellbeing and that of their families are critical to our success.

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MKG Marketing works with you.

Our digital marketing team consists of expert-led service lines overseen by an Account Director who ensures we work in partnership toward your goals.

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