Our Values

People First

People are People First. We are all human.

We speak to each other and clients as humans, in plain English (not in jargon), with positivity, and thoughtfulness. We lead with joy and remember to laugh.

We don’t jump to negative conclusions and find the most respectful interpretation of what people are saying before taking things personally or getting defensive.

On the flip side, we don’t assume people know what you’re talking about and provide context.

Finally, no man is an island. We work together and harness each other's strengths to better ourselves and our services all the time.

MKG Values of making company wide decisions that take into account our people first.

Big Picture

Our mission is to help our clients grow big and land whales. In order to do so, we have constantly look up, look out, and forward towards the client's goals.

It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of the day to day. It’s even easier to lose sight of the task at hand and look up one day to find we are nowhere near where we need to be.

To do this we all need to:

  • Have a Growth Mindset
  • Be Fearless in testing, learning, and your ideas
  • Own Process and Outcomes with transparency and accountability
MKG Values of Always Keeping Our Eyes on the Big Picture.

Uphold the MKG Standard

Over communicate with clients and each other. As a distributed agency, it’s important we keep the lines of communication open at all times within the guidelines of the code of conduct (don’t be a jerk).

Meeting the client 90% of the way if you see someone is struggling.

Always make our client(s) the hero. Whenever completing a task for a client always put on your client hat and think about what the clients would ask. Make sure you’re meeting their needs and keeping the Big Picture in mind.

All client deliverables should be useful, accurate, error free, in the best format, and on brand.

MKG Values of Always Upholidng the MKG Standard