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Kerry Guard and Mike Krass wearing sunglasses

Relationships built on real values

In 2011 Mike Krass and Kerry Guard created MKG Marketing.

Their first order of business — create values to enable thoughtful business decisions. While our values have evolved, their purpose has not.

To be the heart of who we are.

We put people first.

We treat each other as humans, talking in plain English, with positivity, and thoughtfulness. We lead with joy and remember to laugh.

  • Assume most positive interpretation

  • Provide context to aid understanding

  • Be flexible & accomodating to others needs

  • Ask for clarification as needed

We are transparent.

We build long-lasting relationships through transparency, honesty, and accountability and weather any short-term discomfort.

  • Be honest and truthful

  • Clearly state opinions and their basis

  • Keep jargon to a minimum

  • Provide clear data, results, and analysis

We see the big picture.

Our mission is to help our clients be found. We always look towards the client’s goals and how best to achieve them.

  • Keep up with trends & developments

  • Be mindful of the destination

  • Suggest ideas on a better way to the goal

  • Refine and improve the way we work

We have one standard.

We have one standard — the MKG Standard — for excellence and consistency. We hire experts and follow our processes.

  • Deliverables are accurate and accessible

  • Process is followed and maintained

  • Clients get to be the hero

  • Offer assistance and anticipate needs

Two people looking over a page of charts and results

MKG Marketing works with you.

Our digital marketing team consists of expert-led service lines overseen by an Account Director who ensures we work in partnership toward your goals.

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