People First

Our people are MKG's single biggest differentiator. They have on average 11 years of experience in their specialty - SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, or Analytics. Because our people are so important to the success of our clients, their happiness is our biggest priority and that extends to their families.

MKG Values of making company wide decisions that take into account our people first.
MKG Value of not being afraid to fail in an effort to test and learn.


We’re not afraid to fail. Failure leads to learning. Learning leads to doing better next time. It’s in those moments our best work was produced.

Team Pride

At MKG we don't have a vertical hierarchy. Our teams, or circles, consist of people with different capabilities, not the same. This allows people to work together and learn from each other. It allows us to deliver work faster because when the client emails their circle, the person pulling the levers is the person responding, minimizing the game of telephone or "whisper down the lane".

We function as a team. We win together. One person may have sparked the idea, but we all made it happen. Every deliverable gets at least two sets of eyes before it hits a clients inbox.

MKG Value of banning together. We win together. We lose together.
MKG Values of being who we truely are.

Transparency & Accountability

As a company and team when it comes to the work we do we have nothing to hide. By having open and honest conversations throughout all our tools and in our 1-1 discussion we’re able to create clear paths of success for each other and our clients. This also allows us to hold each other accountable and to uphold our promises to one another and our clients.

Big Picture

Keep our eyes on the end result and work backwards.

We often say 'eyes on the road, not on the wall' to help us focus on the final outcomes we are driving toward on behalf of our clients.

MKG Values of Always Keeping Our Eyes on the Big Picture.