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Three Differentiating Factors

There are over 32 million search results on Google for Digital Marketing Agency.
Here's why you should choose MKG as your digital marketing experts.

Focused On Three Services

Through testing and learning we found SEO, PPC, and Web/Campaign Analytics provided clients have the best bang for their buck.

Hire Digital Marketing Experts

We are a flat organization. The people doing the work are the people you talk to. No more whisper down the lane.

Scrum Based Agency

We speak Agile. Working in sprints. Setting realistic deadlines. And more importantly, clear expectations.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our people are at our core. It's important that we hire the right people who fit our culture and have the expertise to deliver results and fresh ideas.

Get to know each individual for their expertise, personal values, and fun fact.

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Our Services

Read more about our services and our process for executing each.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the long game with the biggest long term gains. There are some initial quick win fixes we’ll provide and as we build on that you’ll constantly see success year over year.

Pay-Per-Click (Search, Display, & Social)

PPC is the short term game. This was the quickest way to drive leads and/or revenue. You put money in. You get money back usually within the first three - six months.

Website and Campaign Analytics

Analytics is important because your funnel needs to be set up accurately to see how SEO or PPC are performing so we can say channel x is driving these exact outcomes.

Qualified and Certified

In 2016 Google honored MKG's hard work by inviting us to be a Premier Agency Partner. Only 5% of agencies are a Level 2 partner. This means MKG, and our clients, receive 24/7 support for Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

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What Impact Can Your Marketing Deliver in 547 Days? Last month I was speaking with an analyst who covers high growth businesses in the United States (Bay Area, Los Angeles, Northeast, Denver). This analyst mentioned a shocking statistic to me. The average tenure of CMO at a high growth company...

Operation SEO Training

Last month we had the pleasure of welcoming two of our client stakeholders to our office in New Orleans. Syed and Monique represent Organic Media and Web Marketing for our client, Informatica. While we have a healthy meeting cadence in place (every week + additional topic-specific meetings each month) there...

Account Director Reflections: Flat Organization

At MKG, one of our standout attributes is that we hire subject matter experts, people with 8+ years of experience. We’re a flat agency with a senior staff which resonates with clients because there’s no bait and switch, the A-Team is who you get 100% of the time. And as...

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