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Our Digital Marketing Services

Each of our services are tailored to generate demand and deliver pipeline. SEO and Digital Advertising are better together, delivering both faster.

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Expert SEO Services

Our SEO experts partner with B2B marketing teams to turn organic search into a powerful, long-term growth strategy to increase their market share and keep the pipeline full.

Our experts deliver recommendations rooted in deep knowledge of the complex SEO challenges of a growing enterprise while still being considerate of your resources and goals.

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Expert Digital Advertising Services

Our Digital Advertising experts partner with B2B marketing teams to generate demand for healthcare and tech brands by surrounding the right audience with the right message to solve a key pain point.

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Expert Analytics Services

Expert Analytics Services are comprised of individuals who have 8+ years of experience.

We partner with clients to truly understand their end goals, then develop analytics systems and processes to ensure your marketing efforts are measured end to end so you know exactly if and how your money is delivering a return on investment.

Your personal Digital Marketing Agency

CMOs and Marketing Managers typically stay with an agency for a maximum of 3 years. This agency churn results in lost momentum and a barrier for delivering objectives.

MKG Marketing has served technology brands for over six years by partnering with their Marketing Leaders and delivering on the business outcomes they need.

Case Study

$8.5MM Increase Year-Over-Year

MKG Marketing started with ExtraHop in 2015. For SEO, we partnered with their Marketing Manager, Jaq, to land their product on the first page of Google and Bing search results.
We had record quarters of inbound MQLs [marketing qualified leads] through the PPC ads and our SEO rank increased for several keywords.
Photo of Jaq Evans, Marketing Manager

Jaq Evans

Marketing Manager at ExtraHop

We partner with the best.

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