Why MKG Focuses on Business Outcomes

The Goal of Marketing: Sales!

Over the summer one of our clients was speaking with me about the MarTech “Arms Race” that he is faced with every day.

The “Arms Race” he was referring to is one of systems, tools and platforms that make up his companies Marketing Technology stack. His stack has tools for Analytics, A/B testing, Paid Media, Content Management…the list goes on.

While we discussed their Stack, he brought up a really blunt point:

The biggest question I ask any MarTech product or service vendor trying to get into our stack is “Can I make my money back investing in you?”

In other words: Will an investment in your product/service return a larger amount of time, money or other resources than the initial investment?

That’s why MKG focuses on business outcomes in our measurement strategies.

KPIs such as Traffic and Web Conversion bring new leads into your business. But at the end of the day we want to ultimately optimize our activity to drive business outcomes: pipeline and sales!

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This post was originally published on LinkedIn. You can read it at this link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/digital-marketing-agencies-hired-generate-more-revenue-mike-krass/

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