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Search Engine Optimization Glossary

Keep up with your digital advertising agency and know your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms. We even include tips and tricks!

Alt Text

Alt text describes the appearance or function of an image on a page and is important for accessibility.

Anchor Text

The word or phrase used when linking to another domain; anchor text is key to signaling the topic of a page.

Backlinks are 'cosigns' from other websites that support/vouch for your site; backlinks help build domain authority.


Conversions for SEO can include Ranking KWs, Impressions, & Sessions.


Crawlers (bots or spiders) visit and download a page and extract its links in order to discover additional pages.

Everyone has a crawl budget that can be burnt if the URL architecture is confusing.
Domain Authority

Domain authority is determined by relevance to a specific topic or industry. Google takes it into account when picking which pages to serve up to users.


H1 is the heading at the top of the page; it is key to use relevant KWs in your H1.

It doesn't have to be the same as the Title Tag.

Impressions are gained when your domain appears in the SERP for a query.

Linking to other parts of your website can create association for Google; it also helps direct the user to the next stage in the decision funnel.


A keyword is a word or phrase that you can use to align your content. Each KW has different search volume and competition density.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions allow you to describe the page's content in under 180 characters.

It is important to be precise and persuasive.

Organic is an umbrella term for users that come in from the search engine; it's a segment that can be compared to Paid or Direct.


A Pageview is counted every time a page is accessed or Javascript is fired.

Google Analytics is the "gold standard" for tracking Pageviews.

Ranking Keywords determine your visibility and statistically how many users are likely to click.

Top 10 or bust.
Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

The page that lists the results returned by the search engine in response to a specific query. Each page has 10 results and some rich results like (FAQs or maps).


A session is started when a device (laptop/phone/tablet) requests a page from the site and ends when either the device goes inactive.

Sessions are typically considered inactive after 30 minutes.

Sitemap is a set of instructions for the crawlers; it indicates what exists on the domain and what is prioritized.

One sitemap per domain is considered best practice.
Structured Data

Structured data (or schema) is a form of code that describes to Google what sort of content is on the page.

Title Tag

The title tag is what appears in the SERP. It's generally the first thing a user will read - so make it catchy and relevant.

User Intent

User intent demonstrates the part of the journey that each user occupies, it informs the tone or content of each page on the domain.

Differentiate between Informational, Commercial, and Transactional.
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