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Account Director

Your mission is to ensure the happiness of our clients and your team.

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At MKG Marketing, your mission is to ensure the happiness of our clients AND your team. You are given resources and processes that empower you to guide clients through prioritization instead of saying yes to everything and living in a constant fire drill. We believe setting expectations helps clients and our team to be able to stay on strategy and deliver big results.

Let the experts be the experts and do what you do best, manage the client relationship and facilitate the team to get great work done. At MKG Marketing ADs manage the Asana project management system to prioritize and schedule all team deliverables,which also includes planning work in 5 day sprints to remain agile and adjust priorities as needed.

MKG Marketing Experts join client calls and speak to their work so an AD is really there to facilitate through listening to the client and understanding their asks, as well as supporting the team through clearly communicating timing and next steps. ADs are also there to participate in brainstorming sessions, shape strategy decks, and provide a second set of eyes before big deliverables go out the door.

Job Purpose

Our People

We are a people-first organization. Our team are people before they are employees. It's important they have a work life balance, that you all work 7 - 8 hours a day, take 20 vacation days a year, etc. You need to ensure this balance is upheld.

Our Clients

On the flip side, you need to ensure our client's goals are being met, that all MKG deliverables are in the best presentable format, that there are no errors, and asking the right questions to ensure the information presented is accurate.

Key Skills Required

Client Communication

Our experts can lead the SEO, PPC, and Analytics discussions, but what we need you to provide is that client hat and understanding the what/why that clients are asking. Be the bridge in understanding big picture and client concerns. You’ll also need to be ensure all emails are answered by you or an expert, lead client calls and check-in 1-on-1 when needed, and set up meetings.

Project Management

You need to keep projects moving. By using our system, Asana, you'll be working with the other ADs to plan each of your team member's weeks. Every deliverable goes into Asana from an AD so it can be planned and tracked within a 5 day work sprint and also enable the team to focus on their areas of expertise rather than project management.

Team Support

As part of our People First value, we believe that no person is an island. By meeting with your team on an individual basis to see how they're doing as a person, then as a service line, you're able to gauge how your team is doing and working together as a whole. Our agency is built on retention and work/life balance so it’ll be a priority to check in with your team members and maintain that while also meeting client needs.

A transparent hiring process

Our hiring process typically completes in two weeks, from the applicant completing their questionnaire to final interviews — even during these challenging times.


So you’ve found an open position that appeals to you? Let’s get started:

  1. Check out our company culture & values
  2. Understand the job description
  3. Click the apply now button on the job
  4. Complete the contact details form
  5. Receive a questionnaire or an email
  6. Complete the expertise questionnaire


Let’s get to know each other and make sure our requirements match.

  1. Talk with our service-line experts
  2. Meet the people you’d be working with
  3. Discuss the process so far with HR
  4. Team makes hiring recommendation
  5. Final 1:1 interview with leadership
  6. Receive an offer (hopefully!)


Let’s work together for the next 90 days to ensure this is a solid fit for everyone.

  1. Onboard with benefits & payroll
  2. Review values & handbook with HR
  3. Set-up your company-issued laptop
  4. Onboard tools & comms with team
  5. Meet with your onboarding buddy
  6. Evaluation of success by day 80

Full-time employee benefits

We offer a range of benefits that reflect our People-First commitment.

Benefits subject to completion of 90-day new-employee trial except where noted.


We are a family-oriented company and want our team members to be happy both at work and at home from day one.


We pay most federal holidays, Juneteenth, 2 floating holidays, and December 24th thru January 1st when the office is closed.

Paid time off

We give 20 days of annual vacation with no need to accrue them. In 2019 our team used 95% of the total available days!


We match contributions up to 5% of your gross salary. The plan includes Traditional 401(k) and Roth options with low fees.


We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage and subsidize medical up to $900 for family coverage or $450 for individual coverage.


Earn recognition stars distributed by your peers for great work. Exchange them for gift cards or charitable donations.

Referral bonuses

A bonus of $2,000 on hire, $2,000 on completion of 90-day trial, and $4,000 on after continuous 12-month employment.

Profit share

Each quarter 10% of profits are divided evenly among the non-executive team of Account Directors and Experts.

Paid family leave

We offer new parents up to 12 weeks whether the child is born, adopted, your 1st child or your 5th. (After 1 year of employment)

Our 2022 pulse

We embrace ideas, innovation, and culture afforded by diversity and inclusion.

Team tenure
3.3 years
Women or non-binary

Meet your Account Directors

You will have a direct connection to your team of digital marketing experts.

As a flat organization, we eliminate “whisper down the lane” to ensure communication and strategy are clear and execution is prompt.

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