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SEO Expert

At MKG, our SEO experts partner with complex B2B marketing teams to deliver actionable strategies rooted in deep knowledge of the complex SEO challenges of a growing enterprise while still being considerate of resources and goals.

This role is the voice in the room that everyone looks to for SEO strategies that encourage understanding and buy-in.

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Job Purpose

Key SEO Account Leader

You will lead SEO for 2-4 clients with the guidance of an Account Director and partnership of an Expert Analyst. You will be responsible for Organic Search Strategy and Execution. You also should have 8+years of experience within SEO & Digital Marketing.

General SEO Team Support

You’ll also be partnering and sharing knowledge with the current team of SEO Experts. The team will work to onboard you to the MKG Standard of SEO, any tools you are unfamiliar with, and collaborate on tricky or larger strategic initiatives as they come up.

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Key Skills Required

SEO Platform Power User

Our platforms differ client to client and frequently include shared access with our key client stakeholders so we need someone who is comfortable learning and adapting to new tools and platforms, as well as coming in with experience in either BrightEdge, Conductor or SEMRush. Your platform experience should include keyword research, setting up keyword and page group tracking, reviewing performance against set goals, and technical audits as well as knowing how to strategically leverage the different aspects of tools and platforms, uniquely and together, to identify actionable insights and drive strategic growth.

Content Strategy & Customer Journey

Ranking keywords and pages are only part of the job, understanding what the customer needs and supporting a journey that not only drives organic traffic, but also conversions, is key. You must be able to identify and understand a client’s target audience to support the creation of multifaceted SEO strategies that may include technical SEO, site architecture changes, internal linking, re-optimization of current content and evergreen content initiatives. Frequently this will include partnering with client product experts to take their expertise and provide detailed strategic SEO recommendations that inform the development of new content, so a basic understanding of different types of content approaches and structures that are effective for increasing organic rank and visits is imperative.


Ability to review data and take the insights from your partners on the Analytics team, as well as the skill to dive into the platforms on your own, to provide a clear and concise overview of performance and opportunities as well as tying in on-going algorithm update impacts. Your audience can range from Fortune 500 CMO to Digital Marketing manager, so the ability to tailor presentations and recommendations to different audiences is a must-have.

Technically Savvy

Being able to run a technical audit for a client's site is a good starting point, but we’re also looking for team members who feel comfortable troubleshooting with stakeholders on the webdev side as it is often a give and take with best practices vs client resources. You should have a complete understanding of current industry-standard HTML and CSS and the ability to explain and instruct on technical site audit issues. JavaScript proficiency is a plus!

SEO Industry Leadership and Evangelism for Long-term Success

Be curious and adaptable. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving and having the ability to mitigate, recover from, and take advantage of Google algorithm updates is a key skill in this role. We want to know what SEO groups you’re a part of, what tools or new capabilities within existing tools you think look interesting, and where you think SEO is heading. You must be able to present SEO strategies that encourage industry understanding and thought leadership resulting in client buy-in and confidence.

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A transparent hiring process

Our hiring process typically completes in two weeks, from the applicant completing their questionnaire to final interviews — even during these challenging times.


So you’ve found an open position that appeals to you? Let’s get started:

  1. Check out our company culture & values
  2. Understand the job description
  3. Click the apply now button on the job
  4. Complete the contact details form
  5. Recieve a questionnaire or an email
  6. Complete the expertise questionnaire


Let’s get to know each other and make sure our requirements match.

  1. Talk with our service-line experts
  2. Meet the people you’d be working with
  3. Discuss the process so far with HR
  4. Team makes hiring recommendation
  5. Final 1:1 interview with leadership
  6. Receive an offer (hopefully!)


Let’s work together for the next 90 days to ensure this is a solid fit for everyone.

  1. Onboard with benefits & payroll
  2. Review values & handbook with HR
  3. Set-up your company-issued laptop
  4. Onboard tools & comms with team
  5. Meet with your onboarding buddy
  6. Evaluation of success by day 80

Full-time employee benefits

We offer a range of benefits that reflect our People-First commitment.

Benefits subject to completion of 90-day new-employee trial except where noted.


We are a family-oriented company and want our team members to be happy both at work and at home from day one.


We pay most federal holidays, Juneteenth, 2 floating holidays, and December 24th thru January 1st when the office is closed.

Paid time off

We give 20 days of annual vacation with no need to accrue them. In 2019 our team used 95% of the total available days!


We match contributions up to 5% of your gross salary. The plan includes Traditional 401(k) and Roth options with low fees.


We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage and subsidize medical up to $900 for family coverage or $450 for individual coverage.


Earn recognition stars distributed by your peers for great work. Exchange them for gift cards or charitable donations.

Referral bonuses

A bonus of $2,000 on hire, $2,000 on completion of 90-day trial, and $4,000 on after continuous 12-month employment.

Profit share

Each quarter 10% of profits are divided evenly among the non-executive team of Account Directors and Experts.

Paid family leave

We offer new parents up to 12 weeks whether the child is born, adopted, your 1st child or your 5th. (After 1 year of employment)

Our pulse

We embrace ideas, innovation, and culture afforded by diversity and inclusion.

Team retention (2020)
Women or non-binary

Meet your SEO Experts

You will have a direct connection to your team of digital marketing experts.

As a flat organization, we eliminate “whisper down the lane” to ensure communication and strategy are clear and execution is prompt.

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