Identifying ‘Holes’ in Your Sales Funnel

The other day, we walked you through the process of measuring mobile marketing conversions</a> using an online conversion funnel.

Today, we'd like to show marketers how to identify holes, gaps and general inefficiencies in online conversion funnels.

Situation #1: Tons of leads begin the sign up process, yet few actually complete the entire lead generation form.

  • Possible Solution: Does your lead gen form ask for too much information or require sensitive information? Look at the sign up process from the eyes of your consumer and ask yourself "Would I actually answer these questions if I was a potential customer?"
    • Tip: Try going timing yourself as you go through the purchase / sign up process on your own product.

Situation #2: Inconsistent flow of users through each step of the sign up / purchase process.

  • Possible Solution: Say you get 95% of users through to step 2, 90% through to step 3 and then only 35% through to the fourth and final step. Take a look at the flow of questions between 3 and 4; What are you asking the user for? How could you acquire that information in a different way?

Situation #3: The form asks for too much sensitive information.

  • Possible Solution: Try using a service like DemandBase, which collects non-personally identifiable information (non PII, for short) such as industry, category / vertical, HHI, SIC code, etc and can populate those pieces of the form in the background without the consumer being asked.
    • Tip: A bit low fi, but have you re-considered internally whether you really need information that sensitive?

Drop us a note in the comments section if you've ever come across a conversion path issue and we'll get back to you with a response!

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