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Adam Bids MKG Marketing Adieu

Adam Bullock • January 30, 2015 • 2 minutes to read

Well gang, this is it. I'm hanging up my MKG watch.

I have made the exciting ( and, admittedly, somewhat intimidating ) decision to actively pursue a career in education. From my time as a mentor and volunteering in a 2nd grade classroom, working with children in a learning environment has become a passion of mine and I decided to not wait another second and get after it!

I've had the honor of working with the incredibly passionate and talented team at MKG Marketing for nearly a year. I can undoubtedly say that you would not be able to find a more dedicated, detail-oriented and hard-working digital marketing agency as MKG Marketing.

It's a small group...but they're dynamic, resourceful and nimble.

And that small group includes my identical twin brother, Christian.

It's been an unforgettable experience working with Christian. I've been able to witness him in his element. He's one of the foremost experts on search engine optimization ( while remaining somewhat of a hidden gem ), and has been able to conjure some amazing tricks out of his hat for MKG clients. In fact, he's running a project called 365 Days of SEO, and you should subscribe to his YouTube channel for daily videos!

Being able to work together, we were able to have lunches together. And those lunches turned into running together. So, naturally, we decided to run a half-marathon! Going through the training and conquering the Columbia River Gorge Half-Marathon in October 2014 with him will be a memory I will always cherish.

I'm incredibly grateful to Mike and Kerry for believing in the Bash Brothers, and I'm proud of the results we all made together.

Find me on Twitter, where I'll likely be informing you of my own personal domain on the World Wide Web soon. I'll need SOMEWHERE to put my random marketing thoughts into the ether.

Bon voyage, MKG! I can't wait to see what you do next...

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