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How To Include Women In Your Digital Advertising

Kerry Guard • Tuesday, October 1, 2019 • 23 minutes to listen

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Amber Anderson is the co-founder of Tote and Pears. Tote and Pears is a branding agency with a female focus. Even beyond that they look at not only women, but the different facets of where women are, from life stage to physical location and more.

Women and Purchasing Power

85% of women make or influencer purchasing decisions in both consumer and tech. Consumer products makes sense and is not surprising especially when it comes to them being moms. However, I found this surprising with B2B and tech especially with women being an emerging audience. This goes to show that we can't ignore women as their own audience. We need to include them (us) in our marketing efforts and even look at them as their own segment.


We have to go beyond just targeting women. We have to meet them where they are from life stage to ethnicity to physical location. A women in Minnesota is going to be very different than a women in Florida.

Amber Anderson

Amber Anderson is a mother and wife. She is also a creative, a strategist and co-founder of Tote and Pears, the agency that designs and markets products, services and experiences for women and their families. Amber helps businesses and brands connect with women authentically by highlighting the multidimensional experiences that shape their identities.