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Tea Time With Tech Marketing Leaders with Kerry Guard | Episode 33 | October 5, 2020

On the Season 5 Premiere, our guest is David Liljegren, ADK America discusses healthcare marketing and the strategic advantage of writing simple briefs for complex processes.

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The complex world of healthcare requires marketers with a deft touch, who are able to concisely communicate their value propositions.

Back to Basics- Write Briefs

As rudimentary and low-tech as it may seem in 2020, David and Kerry came to the agreement that briefs are absolutely necessary. Without this guiding document, teams are often bogged down in data, much of which may be irrelevant to the core business goal of a campaign. While ingesting heaps of data can flesh out a story or an objective, it is crucial that team members remember the initial principles- the thesis. “If your brief is 5 pages, it’s not a brief.” Keep it simple. Keep it direct. Keep it succinct. Otherwise, your message will be cloudy and your clients will be confused.

Sticking to the Core of the Idea

When crafting a strategy, it is vital to hone in on the core of a plan; healthcare marketing in particular can be rather tricky when digging deeper into the details. To keep the focus, David encourages the teams to keep these four core questions top of mind-

What is the business goal?

What is the right message?

Who is the right audience?

When is the right time to engage?

By always returning to these fundamental questions, marketing teams are able to maintain clarity and consistency in their campaigns. These questions are also vital when pivoting to virtual conference presentations.

Complex Topics, Clear Goals

With so much uncertainty, David aids companies in clarifying their mission even in the beginning planning stages. Clarity can aid both marketers and clients in finding common ground and producing a focused message. Branding Marketing is a blend of business strategy and the communication arts with the ultimate purpose of achieving a business goal. It is the guiding compass and the ultimate Key Performance Indicator. This was only an overview of our conversation with David. Be sure to listen to the full episode!

David Liljegren

David Liljegren is the President & COO of ADK America. His mission is to aid brands in the complicated process of healthcare marketing. This particular industry requires marketers with a deft touch, who are able to concisely communicate their value propositions.

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