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The MKG Marketing Teaching Pedagogy

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Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn
—Benjamin Franklin

In order to teach, we must first know how we learn. Teachers are learners too–they must be. Always having a hunger for knowledge. To want to know how things work. Only then can a teacher break things down into small steps for more people to learn what you do.

Why is teaching important at MKG Marketing? To encourage a culture of learning and constant growth. To grow the organization and provide you support. To do this we need to hire people who are not yet experts then bring them along. They need to know how you do what you do so you can trust them.

In not having put a teaching philosophy in place sooner at MKG Marketing we have done a disservice to the digital marketing industry. Between automation and lack of training programs, we have left a generation behind and now the industry is experiencing a talent shortage. We have an opportunity to contribute to the solution.

As a remote agency, we can’t hire people then have them sit with us for hours on end while they watch us work. We need an intentional framework that we can map outcomes to and bring people through how you do what you do.

This is that framework. A pedagogy of how we teach and mentor. It’ll be up to you, strategy, leads, and/or experts to map what you teach, in what order to build on skills and generate trust between you and your students.

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