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Customer Service is Objective #1

Mike Krass • July 17, 2012 • 3 minutes to read

Following the IdeaMensch #ID48 conference here in San Francisco, I wrote a blog post detailing all the great things I learned that evening.

One of the speakers, Modify Watches CEO Aaron Schwartz, mentioned that customer service is** the most important  **factor in being a part of the Modify Watches team.

It's so important, in fact, that he used the following line ...

'There is only one fireable offense here at Modify Watches: Customer service is the most important part of this job. You can make a mistake that costs the company thousands of dollars, but if you mess up in customer service you are gone.'

With that in mind, we wanted to share a couple additional pieces of advice that MKG will be emphasizing in the short and long-term future of our agency ...

Listen to What Our Clients Both Want AND Need

I came to the following realization last week: I needed a watch. I wanted one that was lime green.

When I couldn't find a lime green watch strap on their website, I tweeted and e-mailed the Modify Watches team asking where to find it.

Within 48 hours, I had a personalized email from their CEO with a link to the 'buy now' page of the lime green strap.

Even though it was just a small gesture like receiving a personalized email from their CEO with a link to what I needed, it showed that the Modify team is actively listening to the chatter generated from their contact forms & social channels and actively responding to inquiries in a timely manner.

What we as MKG plan to learn: Our clients need to communicate with their current and prospective customers (marketing). What we'd like to put an emphasis on is how, perfect world scenario, they want to communicate with these customers. We want to continue to provide highly customized marketing solutions that deliver on each individual clients goals.

Over Deliver & Create Brand Ambassadors 

Following all the customer service love I got after my lime green question hit the airwaves, I found an extra surprise when I opened the package containing my watch.

The team at Modify sent me an extra strap, free of charge!

Now, while a $25 strap on the house isn't the biggest monetary freebie around, it plays perfectly into their company motto of encouraging their customers to buy into the watch modifying experience and create a community of brand ambassadors powering the products success via word of mouth.

Think I'm not being serious?

In the past week, I've told at least 10 people about Modify, purchased a watch (lime green above!) and gotten a girls phone number as the result of her asking 'where did you get that awesome watch?'

And it's all the result of one thing: Modify over delivered and created a true brand ambassador out of me.

What we as MKG plan to learn: We need to find ways to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients so they too feel feel compelled to share how awesome their experience was in working with us.  This is a continuation of the extremely customized, personal service we pride ourselves in delivering our clients.

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