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Understanding the Customer Journey

Mike Krass • May 7, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

This article sets out to ask brands if they understand the journey customers make from the beginning to end of a purchase process.

We should probably establish a baseline, so I'll ask you all..

Does your brand understand a 'day in the life' of its target consumers?

If the answer is yes, then we'd love to hear your opinion on our advice below. If the answer is maybe (or even the brave 'no' respondent out there), then we'd like to provide you with some direction to assist your brand / agency as you attempt to answer this question.

A couple good questions to evaluate your customer journey competency include ...

  • Value: Finding, integrating & focusing your brands value on the customers life
  • Environmental: Which physical and/or interactive touch points does your customer base interact with your brand?
  • Channel Selection: Similar to environmental, have you taken a deeper dive to understand which channels your customer base is predisposed to use?

While there are many more examples of actionable items to begin answering your customer journey conundrum, the three noted above should provide your organization with a great baseline to get the conversation started.

On top of the advice listed above, here a few resources to refer to ...

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