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Facebook Organic Post Benchmarks - November 2018

Mike Krass • November 6, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

What's a "good amount" of engagement on an organic Facebook post?

Last week we published a simple-and-useful set of benchmarks for LinkedIn organic post engagement.

The tl;dr from that data analysis exercise found:

Including video in your LinkedIn post increases the likelihood of someone liking, sharing or commenting on the post by anywhere from 30% - 200%

Since Kerry and I have been posting a steady stream of at least one new story or video every week for the past five months, we wanted to see how that content performed when posted on Facebook as well.

We wanted a benchmark for a strong engagement rate when we publish organic posts containing Video, Images or Straight Text/Links.

This data set was created by analyzing more than 1,000 organic posts that MKG Marketing has published to our brands Facebook page.

Are you a visual person? Then check out the benchmarks by social metric (Likes, Shares and Comments) below!

![Facebook Organic Post Benchmarks - November 2018]('/images/blog/Facebook post performance by post type.webp')

You can quickly see that video dominates engagement for organic posts for marketers like us on Facebook.

When it comes to landing a click, Video is:

  • 2.2x more likely to get clicked on than image post
  • 1.8x more likely to get clicked on than a link post

When it comes to reactions (like, comment, share) Video is 1.5x more likely to get a reaction than an image or link post.

And when it comes to Organic Reach, an important metric as Facebook's algorithms have adjusted to reportedly only show page content to <10% of fans (Source: HubSpot), Video reaches 2.3x more users than a link post and just about the same amount of users as an image post (+1% more).

We've also recorded a two-minute explanation of the benchmarks we uncovered for our fan page over the past seven years.

How do our benchmarks compare to your own?

We'd love to hear if video is an equally affective publishing format for other brands as well.

Mention us on Twitter at @mkgmarketinginc with your own benchmark data - we'd be happy to aggregate and update this story!

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