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Industry News - Average CMO Tenure Is About 18 Months

Mike Krass • September 20, 2018 • 1 minutes to read

What Impact Can Your Marketing Deliver in 547 Days?

Last month I was speaking with an analyst who covers high growth businesses in the United States (Bay Area, Los Angeles, Northeast, Denver).

This analyst mentioned a shocking statistic to me.

The average tenure of CMO at a high growth company is 18 months

547 Days. That's it!

After speaking with this analyst I had another conversation with a marketing executive in San Francisco. This executive mentioned that the board at her company operates the exact same way: either you can generate measurable growth from the marketing department in 18 months or that CMO will find him/herself on the hot seat.

This is why MKG always brings new customers into our portfolio with the following exercises:

  • Measurement and Analytics Plan (inclusive of KPIs/Target #'s)
  • Meet with Sales stakeholder(s) to learn about the qualification and sales process for handling marketing leads

We go through these exercises because at the end of the day everybody is judged on Sales. While marketing generates demand, the ultimate outcome we as MKG are charged with delivering is high-quality leads that our customer sale teams can work through.

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