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MKG: a Google Premier Agency Partner in 2016

Mike Krass • June 27, 2016 • 3 minutes to read

MKG is a Google Premier Agency Partner

Hot off the news wire: MKG has been named a Google Premier Agency Partner!

What does this mean?

Google has changed the support process for their Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager products. In the past, every Google Agency partner had a dedicated account manager that stayed on the account for 30-90 days and then transitioned off to another agency account. This left a major onboarding/support gap nearly once per quarter (and 4 times in any given calendar year) for Agencies and the end client. After getting a lot of qualitative feedback on the ineffectiveness of this program, Google decided to not offer dedicated account managers to every single agency partner beginning in May of 2016.

Now, only 30% of all identified agencies receive dedicated Google account support. These agencies are considered Google Agency partners.

Of those 30%, only 10% are considered Premier Agency Partners - we are one of them!

What does this status get you?

Our status as a Google Premier Agency partner allows us to access resources that only a select few partners have access to.

The best part? This is NOT just limited to Google Ads support!

See the resources that we, MKG Marketing, have access to below:

  • Google Analytics: Technical support for Google Analytics standard and Data Studio (standard). As many marketers know, Google Analytics support for their standard suite of products is non-existent. Our Premier status unlocks resources that are impossible to access without a Premier agency partner.
  • Google Tag Manager: Technical support for the Google Tag Manager product, regardless if you are deploying a Google product tag or another vendor tag.
  • Google Ads: Get a 1st look at all new beta products (such as offline conversion tracking, new ad products, etc), support for new/existing campaigns, unlimited translation of campaigns into any language (for free) and more. Really the access to beta products itself is worth it's weight in gold, as these opportunities are at our fingertips months (or even years) before they are available to other Google customers.

A few benefits that we glossed over

I know this is all a lot to take in. But as Billy Mays used to say … “But wait … there’s more!”

  • Translation Services for FREE: We have access to human, on-the-ground translation services provided by Google for more than 30 different major languages spoken across the globe. For any of our clients that run Search Network, Display Network or Video campaigns we can tap into those translation resources (Google employees in the field) to translate any Google Ads campaign copy as well as check for geo-political factors in the Google Ads creative (display, text and video). Most translation services charge $0.05 to $0.20 per word to translate Google Ads creative - we are able to cut that expenditure for our clients.
  • Unpublished Industry Research: Our Google account manager can share unpublished industry research for all Google Ads campaigns specific to a client, industry or category. This is especially helpful for benchmarking your performance against other advertisers across the Display, Video and Search Networks.
  • Digital (and Physical) Events: With a single phone call we can bring google resources to a virtual or physical meeting to provide strategic and/or technical support for your Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager needs. All you have to do is ask and voila Google will whisk off a dedicated human resource to help solve any issues you are having.

Want to know more?

Then give us a call at 415-678-1331 or email Mike Krass at to pose any problem your company needs help solving across Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager.

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