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The Newest Addition to MKG: Chris Trammell

Mike Krass • January 6, 2016 • 1 minutes to read

I joined the MKG team at the start of the year as their Digital Marketing Strategist intern.

A bit about myself:

  • Before joining MKG, I spent two years with BBVA Compass Bank. I worked in their customer analytics division.
  • At BBVA, I helped build out the customer segmentation rules. We work with the retail banking division to develop reporting around product usage, cross-sell rates, retention, and other KPIs critical to marketing initiatives.
  • Did I forget to mention? I have three years experience in data mining and marketing analytics :)

Working at BBVA helped to sharpen my data mining and analytics skill set.  This in my core focus here at MKG; supporting our the analytics efforts for SEO and SEM clients.

Okay ... let me tell you about myself outside of work

When I am not building out marketing campaigns, I like to run trails and brew my own beer.  I also follow the financial markets and enjoy listening to talking heads make predictions they know nothing about.  You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter

Last but not least: I hold an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Before living in Germany I earned an M.A. in Economics from the University of Alabama.

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