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View from Here - November 2019 Update

Mike Krass • November 1, 2019 • 3 minutes to read

Hoping that everyone had a spooktacular month of October (couldn't help myself) and is looking forward to the approaching holidays here in November and December. There was so much going on with the team and our clients in the month of October. Let's take a look!

Dan Santos of Maxim Integrated Launches #movember Page

One of our favorite clients - Dan Santos of Maxim Integrated - is raising money for cancer research in the month of November.

What's the best way to do that? By growing an amazing mustache and accepting donations!

Hear the 'why' behind Dan's #movember 'stache below:

My motivation is always, and will always be my Grandparents who both passed away from cancer. My 30 day pledge is “Go-Go-Go Moo-Stache!” Please help me drive Awareness.

Interested and able to donate towards the cause? Check out his page here:

Team Visits New MariaDB HQ in Redwood City, CA

After months of anticipation, our client MariaDB finally moved their entire company - along with the Clustrix team as part of that acquisition link - into their brand new office in Redwood City, California.

You can almost smell the 'new office' scent through this photo that Adam took!

![]('/images/blog/MariaDB Office - MKG Marketing Visit.webp')

"What's in the Box?"

ExtraHop Networks published a new video to their YouTube channel that visually shows what it would be like to 'touch' or 'feel' encrypted network traffic.

Besides the visual concept of trying to guess at the content of encrypted network traffic or packets of information, it's fun to watch some of our client's try (and fail) to guess what is they are touching.

Warning: Keep your speaker volume on medium or low toward the end of the video!

COO Kerry Guard Quoted on

Last month Kerry was asked why MKG Marketing moved away from an unlimited vacation policy. Her answer (along with 5 or 6 other business owners) was then featured on

We'll save you the click and share Kerry's answer below.

Implement a 'use it or lose it' policy.

While unlimited vacation sounds like a dream, most companies that implement this type of policy find that it has the opposite effect: People have no incentive to take time off if it's unlimited.

"We realized no one was taking any vacation and were burning themselves out, so we instituted a 'use it or lose it policy' -- 20 days a year, and what you don't use does not roll over," says Kerry Guard, COO of MKG Marketing. "We went from no one taking days to people using every last one!"

Want to learn from some of the other responses? Check out the story on

MKG Joins Instagram!

As we began to serve a larger percentage of ads on Instagram this year, we paused to ask ourselves a very simple question:

Why aren't we on Instagram as MKG?

Problem solved!

![]('/images/blog/MKG Instagram Page.webp')

You can check out our latest podcast episodes, photos of the team eating beignets as well as learn about how our company values come to life by visiting our page

Big thanks to Christina on our team for leading the content strategy and social media management of our Instagram as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Follow us on those networks to stay up to date with all things MKG!

Halloween Costume Remix!

Did you see the throwback photos of different MKG team members from Halloween's past?

If you did: Make sure to go back and smash the 'like' button on your favorites!

If you have not: Go check them out and do the same!

That's all He Wrote!

If you have any questions for us , don't hesitate to hit us up on Twitter at @mkgmarketinginc where we can reply to your tweet or DM a response.

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