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What MKG Marketing is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Adam Bullock • November 26, 2014 • 4 minutes to read

It's that time of the year! Being thankful isn't a new concept for the gang here at MKG Marketing. We spend time every single Friday discussing the things we're thankful for during the work week.

I decided to gather some thoughts from the team and share it with the world!

In order of response...

What Adam is Thankful For

This time of year is my absolute favorite. I love seeing family, friends and colleagues be so reflective and come together.

I have to say family.

And that doesn't just mean Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters: I mean the family that we find ourselves surrounded by in life.

It's the family of my work colleagues that make every day a pleasure. We challenge each other, help each other and do our best work when we work together.

It's the family of volunteers and educators that I've met in my recent foray into the world of giving back to the community.

And it's the family of clients that we have the honor of working with. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our clients and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations every single day.

What Christian is Thankful For

I am thankful for the Internet.


Without the Internet I wouldn’t have:

  • Met my wife
  • Been able to be a Dad to the two best kiddos in the word
  • Have a job as a Director of Search
  • Been able to see how to make a Christmas Hug
  • Been able to "be thankful" for the Internet for MKG’s 2014 thankful Thanksgiving post ( Editor's note: Ooooh, so meta, Christian! )

What Jenna is Thankful For

Jenna’s five things she’s super thankful for this Thanksgiving (in no particular order):

  1. Her amazing family and the ability to travel and see them. Since last Thanksgiving, I’ve been able to go to San Fran to see my younger brother and his girlfriend, New England to see my extended family and Cambodia on holiday with my parents.
  2. The “froommates” (friend + roommates) who come over for dinner every Wednesday night at the House on Holgate. I can’t image doing life without them.
  3. Bridgetown Inc. and their work providing for the homeless and low income families in the Portland metro area. We delivered 155 Thanksgiving baskets to low income families last weekend and it was a joy to help in that effort.
  4. BULLET – My pup who’s about to celebrate his third birthday. For providing such comedy within the house as well as protection, warmth and snuggles.
  5. MKG Marketing – Being employed, with the freedom from working from home, with an awesome team of people who care about the work we do and each other. It’s been such a blessing to join the team.

What Kerry is Thankful For


Our incredible teamwork of pulling together and helping one another. It’s been a theme this year and continues to impress me as we continue to get stronger as a team and remind ourselves that no one is on an island. We all succeed together and we all fail together, learning from our mistakes and working as a team to put process in place so we don’t have the same failures again.

We’ve had some tough times in learning this the hard way, but we continue to learn and grow and get better!

I love us. I love coming together in the morning, planning our day, and kicking our days off together. We’re awesome.

What Mike is Thankful For

Mike is thankful for sun, sand and surf.

(He's soaking up the sun in Hawaii right now, so I'll answer for him...)

Mike has recently posted a love letter to the automation goodness that is IFTTT (check out Automate Social Media Success with IFTTT (If This Then That)), so I'm sure he's thankful for cool tech.

And, on a personal note, we're all so thankful for Mike that I know he's thankful for the rest of the team.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from the team at MKG Marketing!

Kudos to robyn_weisman on Instagram for the fun veggie turkey idea used in our cover photo!

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