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Join the Club! MKG Marketing is Officially a Bing Ads Fan

Adam Bullock • March 5, 2018 • 1 minutes to read

We Made It Official!

Bing Ads has JUST rolled out a community program for its most dedicated advertisers - a Bing Ads fan club, of sorts.

And we would be silly not to join.

Any agency purely focusing on Google Ads isn’t giving its clients the full landscape of search engine pay-per-click. Bing Ads can be a strong compliment to any paid media strategy. In fact, we’ve even seen Bing Ads outperform Google Ads for certain industries and verticals.

All with the advantage of much lower CPCs for highly-competitive auctions on the Google side. While somebody’s budget may only be able to get one click a day on Google, you can often squeeze 3-5 clicks in on the Bing side.

Less traffic and lower CPCs means a more affordable way to dominate share of voice via Bing.

Have any questions about when and how to use Bing Ads? Drop us a line!

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